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Photo of former Home and Away star Pia Miller’s ‘handsome’ sons send fans into meltdown

Pia Miller, a former star of Home and Away, has an ageless, eternal beauty, so learning that she has two sons who are adults comes as a surprise.

In addition, her boys Isaiah and Lennox have inherited their mother’s striking good looks.

The 39-year-old Miller recently posted a picture of her sons on Instagram along with the statement, “And then God smiled upon me my boys.”

Fans flocked to the 16- and 20-year-old gorgeous brothers, who were grinning and cuddling while being photographed.

One follower remarked, “Beautiful looking boys, just like their mother.”

Oh my, how much have they grown! What charming young men – blessings indeed,” a another person wrote.

“Got the genes,” remarked a third.

Another supporter just posted, “STUNNING.”

These are very lovely men. agreeable one.

Brad Miller, an ex-AFL player, is the father of Miller’s younger son Lennox, while Isaiah is from a previous relationship.

Miller became pregnant with Isaiah when she was 19 years old.

According to Now To Love, she previously remarked to The Daily Telegraph, “Most of the other mums believed I was the nanny when Isaiah was in prep (school).

Most people are extremely astonished when they learn I’m a mother, and when they learn I have two kids, they say, “Oh my gosh.”

She remarked to Now To Love in 2020, “Watching the boys grow into who they are is very fulfilling.

to observe them develop from young boys into young gentlemen.

“Watching them develop, transform, and become who they are is really rewarding.”

In 2021, Miller wed renowned talent agent Patrick Whitesell.

Miller and Whitesell had to maintain their connection long distance for a very long time.

During the COVID lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, Whitesell was in Los Angeles and Miller was in Sydney. Whitesell had to secure special exemptions to enter Australia and endure the necessary 14-day quarantine period before being reunited with his love.


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