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Home and Away’s saddest cancer storylines – teen death, days to live and final wishes

Home and Away has been on screen for more than three decades and fans have watched as their favourite characters have suffered with cancer in several heartbreaking storylines

Gabe Miller (Akos Armont) of Home and Away recently relocated to Summer Bay, where he met up with ex-fiancée Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir).

But as they were savoring their second opportunity at love, Gabe learned heartbreakingly that his illness had come back.

Before Bree learned that the visitor was receiving treatment for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma around a year earlier, he had kept his condition a secret.

Gabe is not the first citizen of Summer Bay to battle the illness, and he most definitely won’t be the last.

The Daily Star has taken a look back at some of the most tragic cancer storylines in the soap opera’s history while it is in the middle of the difficult narrative.

Romeo Smith

Romeo Smith, a beloved character by the audience, had a skin cancer diagnosis in 2013.

Romeo, played by Luke Mitchell, thought his wife Indi Walker (Samara Weaving) had too much on her plate after beginning a new business, so he made the heartbreaking decision to keep his illness from her.

Romeo told Indi’s father, Sid Walker (Robert Mammone), that he had fatal stage 4 melanoma but pleaded with him not to inform his daughter in order to keep her safe.

Romeo fled the Bay without telling Indi he was going to die, leaving her heartbroken at her husband’s sudden departure without a proper explanation.

After Sid finally told her the truth, Indi later received news that Romeo had passed away, bringing an end to one of the soap’s most beloved couples.

Billie Ashford

Billie Ashford (Tessa de Josselin), introduced as the younger sister of Martin “Ash” Ashford (George Mason), originally caused difficulty but finally adapted to life in the Bay.

Billie, portrayed by Tessa de Josselin, appeared to be on the right track as she gave birth to a daughter and fell in love with VJ Patterson (Matthew Little).

But shortly after welcoming Luc, Billie was told she had barely days to live and was diagnosed with an aggressive, incurable form of cancer.

The young mum and VJ decided to get married in front of their family and friends before spending their last moments together as a three.

Sat on the beach, the family watched the sunrise over summer Bay as Billie passed away in VJ’s arms while holding her newborn daughter.

Belle Taylor

Belle Taylor (Jessica Tovey) lost her battle with cancer in 2009, shocking fans who had grown to love the character after seeing her three years earlier as a troubled youngster.

Belle found out she had cancer soon after reuniting with Aden Jeffries (Todd Lasance), but she chose to keep her diagnosis a secret.

Just before their wedding, Aden discovered the truth about Belle’s condition, and the pair learned the heartbreaking news that the cancer had progressed.

After expressing her gratitude to her mother, Amanda Vale (Holly Brisley), and saying her final goodbyes, Belle passed away in her husband’s arms.

Meg Bowman

When Meg Bowman, portrayed by the late Cathy Godbold, was revealed to have leukemia and be in the latter stages of her illness in 1992, it became one of the first true cancer storylines in Home and Away.

The young woman met and fell in love with Summer Bay resident Blake Dean (Les Hill), who assisted her in carrying out her final three desires before she passed away.

Meg’s health deteriorated after they got married and she went back to the Bay.

Blake was completely distraught when Meg passed suddenly in his arms as they were on their way to the beach to see the sun rise.

Meg was only in 40 episodes, but her brief appearance and subsequent departure from the show has endured as one of its most enduring plotlines.

Sally Fletcher and Flynn Saunders

As soon as Sally Fletcher and Flynn Saunders (Martin Dingle-Wall) started dating, she learned she had ovarian cancer.

Sally had a hysterectomy to manage her sickness, which prevented her from becoming pregnant naturally afterward.

Flynn was first pushed away, but they subsequently reconciled and were married.

When Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) offered to become their surrogate mother and eventually gave birth to their daughter Pippa, the newlyweds were overjoyed.

But in a devastating turn of events, Flynn learned he had terminal skin cancer and made the decision to forgo treatment in order to enjoy his final months.

As Flynn’s health continued to deteriorate, the pair renewed their wedding vows because he wanted to show Sally his enduring love.

The doctor eventually lost his


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