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Home and Away’s Felicity Newman to suffer a panic attack in dating storyline

In a new plot, Felicity Newman from Home and Away will experience a panic attack while trying to move on from her ex-husband Tane Parata.

In scenes that will premiere in the UK in March and in Australia the following week, Felicity is persuaded to give dating another go by her friends. But the business owner is terrified to move on from Tane after meeting a stranger.

Encouraged by Eden Fowler, Felicity makes the brave decision to take risks. A day later, a dashing stranger walks into Salt, providing the ideal chance.

After some naive flirting, the man leaves Felicity his phone number on a napkin since he and she click right away.

Xander Delaney, who is seeing their exchange, advises her to give the stranger a call and take a chance.

But Felicity soon finds that the idea of having a love relationship with the stranger is too much to handle, and she quickly hangs up the phone a few moments after calling before collapsing from a panic attack.

Will Felicity be able to move on romantically, even though paramedic Xander is there to support her during this episode?

Jacqui Purvis, an actor, described the plot as a “learning curve” for Felicity.

“It’s been a massive learning curve,” she told TV Week. She continued: “It’s now time for Flick to step back and work out what she really wants.”

Tane and Felicity were once married, but their marriage ended when Tane found out that the co-owner of Salt was lying to him about wanting to try for a child and was covertly using contraceptives without telling him.

Felicity was now forced to realise that her marriage was gone after Tane made it apparent that he couldn’t forgive her for lying, despite his hopes for a reunion.


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