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Former Home and Away star Kate Ritchie breaks down live on air over hidden struggle

Presenting on her radio show, former Home and Away star Kate Ritchie broke down in real time as she discussed the difficulty of worrying for kids with an expert.

Ritchie was candidly discussing why mums can’t sleep at night with parenting expert Maggie Dent, along with her Nova co-hosts Michael Wipfli and Ryan Fitzgerald.

Dent described the “slight difference” between the typical thought processes of mothers and fathers.

Explaining how women are “wired” to make sure they are taking care of everyone due to oestrogen levels.

Dent stated, “We’ll discuss every choice we make throughout the day, from breakfast to (dinner).”

She turned to Ritchie and said, “It’s a female thing; we second guess and we beat ourselves up and then suddenly we’re wondering if they’ll get into university.” “Kate, have I got it?”

“You’re going to cry!” exclaimed the distraught radio host.


Ritchie, who was listening to the conversation, acknowledged that mothers sometimes find themselves “in their own heads” at night.

Ritchie apologised, attempting to gather herself while sobbing.

Ritchie and her ex-husband Stuart Webb are parents to an eight-year-old girl named Mae.

Fitzy remarked, “Kate’s getting emotional.”

Ritchie started crying as Dent said, “This is the mum brain, this is the mental load we carry for the people we love.”

“I apologise for hurting you, Kate.”

“I want our dads to understand that we have different wiring and that sometimes we need them to step in and say, ‘I can handle this,'” said the author.

Fitzy asked, “Did that strike a chord though Kate?” turning to face his co-host.

A tearful Ritchie remarked, “Oh you know, just the inner dialogue that doesn’t ever end.”

The video was posted on social media and described as a “incredibly touching and heartwarming chat” on Ritchie’s personal account as well as the Fitzy, Wippa, and Kate Nova accounts.

The two-mother host of The Morning Show Kylie Gillies replied with a 100% emoji.

Another commentator stated, “Mothers have a tremendous mental burden.”

A user commented, “Thank you for this, it never stops 🤍🤍🤍.”

“Being a mother is not a must. Another added, “This is how women are generally.”

Some, on the other hand, disagreed, saying that fathers are capable of bearing a comparable mental burden.

Dads are undervalued while mothers are spoken of as superior. 😳. Fathers face the same challenges as single fathers. One person argued, “Ask any dad if he’s ever asked how he’s coping.”

“Not accurate! A second person remarked, “Father and mother are the same and they love their kid wholeheartedly.

“I don’t disagree that mothers think this way. Those are all thoughts that I have as a single father. Another person said, “It’s called unconditional love and having a heart.”


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