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Home and Away’s Tane and Felicity consider moving away from Summer Bay

Tane Parata and Felicity Newman from Home and Away may soon have to make a significant choice as they explore moving far from Summer Bay.

In scenes that will premiere on Channel 5 in the UK next week, Tane tells his wife Felicity that he’s been seeing how fast his newborn cousins are growing up ever since he returned from his trip to visit family in New Zealand.

Tane is inspired by this to have a serious discussion with Felicity about their future, but all Felicity sees are warning signs. She is aware that she does not want children, nor does she want to have this discussion.

Felicity leaves, telling Tane she’s needed at work, and ends up interrupting Eden Fowler and Remi Carter’s writing retreat.

Remi cancels the entire trip after Felicity acknowledges that the main reason she came was to hide from her husband and their discussion about starting a family. He concludes that they should all give up running and face reality.

Soon after her return, Tane—who has been looking for Felicity—runs into her immediately. Tane eventually has the chance to clarify that the major conversation he intended to have with her was about going to New Zealand, not about having a baby at all.

Tane will shortly be approaching Felicity to propose a move. He has located a fantastic piece of land that they may purchase and has everything arranged: the land is in the ideal location, is currently for sale, and falls within their budget.


Felicity gives the concept some thought over the course of the night, and she quickly comes to the conclusion that Tane’s attachment to place has altered her own conception of what home is.

For her, Tane’s current location is home, and if it happens to be New Zealand, she may envision moving there with him.

Are the couple planning to make the major decision to relocate their life overseas in light of everything that has happened to them recently?


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