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Home and Away signs Tristan Gorey as Levi as new doctor ‘races to save Summer Bay favourite’

The executives of Home and Away have revealed that a new character would be visiting Summer Bay.

In the Australian soap opera, Tristan Gorey has joined the cast as Dr. Levi, a newly qualified cardiothoracic surgeon who will “race to save a Home and Away favourite.” While Australian viewers will get to know the new physician in early November, fans in the UK will have to wait until the new year to see Levi in action.

Born in Perth, Western Australia, actor Tristan is most recognised for his breakthrough performance in the critically acclaimed television series Mystery Road: Origin. Attending the esteemed Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, the TV personality honed his narrative abilities.

Tristan narrated the Disney+ series Shipwreck Hunters after starring as Texas on the popular Australian criminal series in 2022. The Heights and Itch are two of his other TV accolades for acting, but Kid Snow is the eagerly anticipated cinematic debut for the actor.

The movie, which is scheduled for release in 2024, stars Tristan as Australian boxing champion Hammer.Following the news that Home and Away will be switching timeslots leading up to Christmas, the Bay’s newest physician was revealed.

Starting at 1pm, the Channel 5 soap opera will air a little earlier until the end of the current season on November 17. Due to Channel 5’s holiday programming, which includes a double bill of Christmas movies starting at 1:30 pm on weekdays, the schedule has changed.

When the new series premieres in the new year, Home and Away will return to its regular weekday timeslot of 1:45 pm, right in time for Tristan’s premiere. Fans will be aware that in the series finale, the lives of James Stewart’s character Justin Morgan and Ada Nicodemou’s character Leah Patterson are in jeopardy. It is unclear whose Summer Bay favourite he is racing to save.


The couple is thrilled to be spending some much-needed time together away from the Bay after winning an opulent holiday. However, when they are abducted and left for dead in an abandoned warehouse, their vacation takes a disastrous turn. The days go by while Justin and Leah are left struggling for their life, having no idea where they are or how to get out.

Justin gets to the top of a ladder and starts to scale the roof in a last-ditch effort to save them. Leah is inconsolable, but Justin suffers serious injuries when the scrap metal he’s using to guide himself across the roof collapses.

The words ‘The End Is Near’ are spray-painted on the wall of the gloomy warehouse, and for Leah and Justin, whose vitality is rapidly dwindling, this couldn’t be more true. Leah is desperate for assistance since Justin is in a terrible situation and their lives are in danger.


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