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Home and Away Cash star’s life – co-star romance snub, military exit and famous sister

Actor Nicholas Cartwright is most recognised for his role as senior police officer Cash Newman on Channel 5’s Home and Away. Cash Newman moved to Summer Bay back in 2021. After making a big impression on viewers with his sharp-eyed investigative abilities and attractive appearance as Cash, Nicholas was quickly drawn into some suspenseful plots.

Since fans discovered about Cash’s horrific backstory, which included his father’s murder and being raised in foster care, Nicholas’s character has grown to be a beloved aspect of the show.

Although Nicholas’s real life isn’t quite as dramatic as his character’s, it appears acting runs in the family because his sister is a well-known soap opera actress.

The Daily Star looks at the lives of the Channel 5 soap opera star, from his time in the military to his relationship with his co-star. And throughout the years, he has accomplished very nothing!

Front-line Combatant

Nicholas spent six years serving as a rifleman in the Australian Army, where he was stationed in Afghanistan and East Timor, before joining the serial opera.

Nicholas told Perth Now that he felt compelled to make a change after leaving the Army and that he had to take up the hole left by the defence force. “After leaving the defence force, you can feel a little lost, and nobody wants to work in a regular job,” he disclosed.


“So I thought, what’s the craziest thing I can do and decided to go to NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art).” From then on, it was all upward from there.

‘Romance’ with co-star

Social media was soon ablaze with reports of love sparks between Nicholas and co-star Sam Frost, who plays Jasmine, after he joined the programme.

After pictures of the two getting close on the show surfaced online, viewers went to Twitter to discuss whether or not the two were dating. Sam swiftly refuted the rumours and said there was no relationship between the two.

She posted many images of the couple holding drinks and commented, “I mean, we’re pretty much the same person. I’m much funnier, though.” But when a fan inquired as to whether they were actually dating, Sam replied, “Nope… unfortunately for Nic.”

Sister Soap Star

Nicholas disclosed in May of last year that Zara Zoe, his real-life sister, had joined the serial opera. The 33-year-old posted several behind-the-scenes photos of Zara and himself.

He wrote: “I’m not sure if you’ve seen the teaser, but this week on @homeandaway, my adorable little sister will be joining us!

“On set, I’ve never had more fun. Between takes, it was practically impossible to look away from her and not smile broadly. It’s such a great time to work with family in this strange planet. Greetings from the @nottherealzarazoe crew! Watch what we do by tuning in.”


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