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Home and Away shock for Ava Gilbert as her huge lie backfires

Justin ends up in big trouble.

Teenager Ava Gilbert from Home and Away will be horrified to see her newest deception threaten to split her family next week on UK television.

When Ava acts as though she is in danger in order to be “rescued” by Theo Poulos, she crosses the line once more.

Ava is distraught when Theo finally rejects her in upcoming episodes of Channel 5, and she is horrified to learn the full degree of her fixation with him.

Theo makes it obvious that he is not and never will be interested in Ava. Ava reacts by hastily boarding a stranger’s van and being driven away from Summer Bay.

When Justin Morgan, Ava’s father, learns that she has vanished after a confrontation with Theo, he is horrified. He jumps to Theo’s defense, but Theo tries to make amends by apologising to Ava.

Ava responds by insinuating that she is being held against her will after realizing how to take advantage of Theo’s worry. In the hopes that Theo will find her, she discloses her location.

Instead, Theo shares the details with Justin, who races off to bring his daughter back home.

Justin is furious when he finds Ava spending time with Conor, the man who gave her a ride out of the Bay.

Still under the impression that Conor kidnapped Ava, a livid Justin goes on the attack and starts beating him up. Ava screams at Justin to stop, but he won’t listen

Justin, who maintains that Conor is the bad guy in this circumstance, is taken into custody by police as they arrive on the scene.

Ava, who is feeling guilty, admits that Conor did nothing wrong and that she merely sent Theo the SOS message to get his attention as the police question Justin.

Justin is relieved when he receives the news that Ava wasn’t hurt, but he realises this situation is far from over when the police charge him with grievous bodily harm.

Justin’s partner Leah Patterson takes him home, where he confronts Ava over her lie. How will Ava explain herself?


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