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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

What’s next in Summer Bay?

Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Coming up on Home and Away, Justin will serve a prison sentence as a result of Ava’s most recent act.

Remi helps Bree in her time of need, and wedding bells ring in Summer Bay when Tane and Felicity exchange vows.

Here is a complete list of the 11 big moments that will soon occur.

  1. The search for Ava continues

After learning that Ava had gotten into a stranger’s car, Justin is petrified to the point of insanity, and he badgers Theo for information on the driver. The only thing Theo can recall in a panic is the brand of his car.

Theo, who is eager to assist, searches for Ava at the beach but instead spots Kirby. Justin is irritated when he overhears them talking, and his rage increases when he discovers that Ava ran away after Theo rebuked her for damaging Kirby’s musical instruments.

Justin is too upset to acknowledge that his daughter did something wrong and instead places the responsibility on Theo. Police are notified of Ava’s disappearance, but they note that she is 16 years old and knowingly entered the vehicle.

  1. Justin is arrested

Theo texts Ava to apologise, stating he made a mistake, and asking if she’s okay while Ava is still nowhere to be found. However, as soon as Ava receives his message, the cunning youngster decides to take advantage of it by sending an SOS claiming to be in difficulty.

Theo sends Justin Ava’s response right away, and when Justin arrives to save Ava, he discovers her laying on a mattress in the back of a shirtless stranger’s combi.

Protective Justin gets angry and viciously assaults the driver, Conor, after becoming certain that he has hurt Ava. Justin is swiftly apprehended by the police, who then take him to the station for questioning.

Distressed Ava observes her father being carried into an interrogation room and informs Theo that he was supposed to be there to assist, not Justin.

  1. Justin faces a prison sentence

Justin makes his case at the police station and is left with the worry that it is too late to save Ava from being sexually raped. Ava is escorted home by Roo and Rose while she claims Conor never touched her.

When the police inform Justin that Ava was uninjured, he is pleased. However, his relief quickly turns to despair when he understands that Ava’s lies caused him to attack an innocent guy.

When Justin is accused of causing serious bodily harm and informed that a prison sentence may be forthcoming, the effects of Ava’s actions are still being felt.

  1. Ava confesses to the police

Justin tries to comprehend why Ava would knowingly lie about being in danger after returning home. He confronts Ava, who says she wanted someone to prioritise her and claims Justin is only interested in Theo.

Ava apologises for her actions at the police station after Justin is shocked by the intensity of her fury. Father and daughter have reconnected and pledge to get to know one another better.

Leah is still irritated by Justin’s refusal to accept responsibility for what he did to Conor, despite the ceasefire that Ava and Justin have reached.

  1. John is dealt a huge blow

When John arrives to the Bay, he finds Dean and Ziggy have left without even saying good-bye. John is irritated by their hurried departure and vents his anger on Mali.

Mali later discovers John looking at a farewell message scribbled on the office whiteboard after following Rose’s advice to flatter him. After everything, John still only has a scrawled “so long” worth of value.

Mali tries to win John over, but an irate John vows he won’t be made fun of once more.

  1. Mali wins John round

Mali, who is kind-hearted, makes vain attempts to cheer John up by bringing him coffee and pizza.

After some thought, though, John expresses his appreciation for Mali’s assistance and invites him to enjoy the leftover pizza with him. Mali follows him and accepts John’s apology for his previous actions.

The next day, a revitalised John approaches Mali to talk about his plans for the board shop, leaving Rose amazed by her boyfriend’s persuasiveness.

  1. Bree drops a pregnancy bombshell

After having his cast removed, Remi found his musical talent and now enjoys busking in front of enormous crowds. Remi immediately ends his act when he notices Bree walking by, ruining the moment.

Remi tells Felicity that Bree witnessed another lady leave his house while he was in turmoil and adds that he was too proud to inform Bree that their relationship was platonic.

Later, after giving Bree an explanation of who he is, Remi is shocked to discover that she is expecting a child but is unsure of the paternity.

  1. Remi supports Bree

Careful Remi reassures Bree that she has nothing to be embarrassed of after hearing about her suffering at the hands of Jacob. Bree bravely tells that she has a termination scheduled on the next day, grateful for his support.

Remi informs Eden of Bree’s pregnancy while admonishing her that Eden is his only concern. Bree is also given Xander’s support, and he begs her to stop blaming herself.

Remi remains by Bree’s side the next day as he drives her to the hospital for her abortion.

  1. Tane and Felicity plan an impromptu wedding

Felicity and Tane decide to take the initiative and declare their impending nuptials tomorrow after growing impatient with waiting for Eden and Cash to respond to their inquiries regarding their wedding arrangements.

Tane and Felicity choose a private ceremony followed by a celebration at Salt in order to keep things low-key. And with little time left, Tane enlists Cash’s assistance to aid him with a few last-minute items as Felicity and Eden go wedding dress shopping.

Later, when Felicity agrees to let Cash walk Cash down the aisle, Cash is overjoyed.

  1. Tane and Felicity get married

Felicity is shocked to learn that Tane, who is dressed in a ceremonial Korowai, has planned a traditional Mori wedding replete with a Kaikaranga and poi dancers as their big day approaches.

Tane proposes to Felicity while she recites her vows to him in Te Reo Mori in front of their loved ones, and then he wraps his korowai around her as a sign of his everlasting love for her.

As Remi and the band provide an incredible performance during the after party, Tane surprises his new wife with a mural depicting their favourite photos taken together.

  1. There’s confusion for Cash

Eden is surprised as Tane and Felicity’s wedding approaches when she discovers the wedding band Cash bought for Jasmine.

An overindulged Cash wakes up the following morning to find a trail of his and Eden’s clothing leading from the living room and the bedroom after a wild night at the reception.

The copper is shocked to discover that Eden is now sporting Jasmine’s ring and wonders whether he proposed the night before.


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