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Former Home and Away star Penny McNamee is a proud mum-of-two – and her little ones will steal your heart

Penny McNamee’s character on Home and Away couldn’t seem to get away from all the drama. But, based by the family images she provides with her supporters, she couldn’t be more different in real life.

In 2016, the actress blew out on Australian screens with her immaculate portrayal of Tori Morgan, the head of a troubled family under witness protection.

Penny’s cool, calm, and collected demeanor has helped her go through some very terrible and wild twists and turns before departing Summer Bay in September 2021, and despite her real life being far less dramatic, she seems to exude the same elegance and grace she portrays on screen.

Penny has to be commended for balancing parenting with a highly successful acting and singing career like a true pro.

The 38-year-old is a fan favorite of Home and Away fans, with over 227,000 Instagram followers who get regular glimpses into her family life with five-year-old Jack, three-year-old Neve, and partner Matt Tooker.

Penny mentioned in an interview with New Idea that she enjoys taking her children on adventures.

“I’m bad at staying at home with the kids — we need to go on an adventure all the time. Because both of my children are so active, having them outside and running around is a must “she stated


She also informed the publication that her chronic illness made it difficult for her to start a family.

“Matt and I both battled to conceive children, so we consider ourselves really fortunate to have the two that we do,” Penny said.

So keep scrolling because we’ve compiled a photo gallery of the family’s best moments.

When Penny and her family finished their 10-day COVID isolation, they packed their belongings and headed to the river for a sun-soaked dip to relieve their cabin fever.

She captioned her river-side photos, “Returning to life outside the four corners of their house,” to celebrate her return to life outside the four corners of their house “The freezing, muddy river water has never felt so good after 10 days at home with Covid! ⛰💦🐟.”

And just like that, Neve is no longer a young girl! The McNamees celebrated their youngest child’s third birthday with a beautiful homemade pink three-shaped cake topped with horse candles.

Penny commemorated the occasion by posting a family photo with the cake as well as a sweet moment she had with her daughter while teaching her ballet.

The actor wrote, “This is 3!!!”

The McNamee family is a creative bunch! Penny captioned this photo of her children bonding over an art project, “Crafty morning,” on Instagram.

Penny captioned this happy Christmas photo, “The family posed for this joyful Christmas photo.” “Tooker is dressed in a shirt with a design on it. It’s nothing short of a Christmas miracle.”

Penny and her doppelgänger!! With a dig at her husband’s expense, the actor labeled this scene.

“But the night’s best performance goes to @matt tooker, who, after 39 years, managed to take a good photo. (He possesses other abilities.) “She cracked a joke.

Neve and Penny work together in the garden! In her rain boots, the youngster is very cute.

The mother and daughter duo went to the beach when summer finally broke through the winter chill.

Penny’s kids will always have one other’s backs, as evidenced by her adorable Instagram story of Jack hugging and giggling with Neve.

Penny wrote, “Love bugs.”

Mum hugs are the best hugs, and Jack is well aware of this.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, the actress got serious, writing: “Listen, I’m whatever the polar opposite of a doomsayer is. So I’ve been thinking… one positive outcome of difficult times is the sharpening of one’s priorities. It’s overrated to have skinny thighs and spotless floors. Cuddles, on the other hand, are fantastic.”

Baby Neve’s cheeky little look has officially melted our hearts – and, by the looks of it, Penny’s as well.

Neve, those are some seriously cool shoes!

It’s a family affair! Penny shared a beautiful photo of the entire family to celebrate Neve’s first birthday.

Then she went and outdid herself with this wonderfully lovely moment. That grin!

A family going for a walk along the coast… they couldn’t look any sweeter if they tried. Penny shared this stunning sunset photo in November of this year.

“Just checking to see if you’re still around…” – Neve and Penny, Neve’s mother, are like two peas in a pod.


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