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‘Home and Away’ star Sophie Dillman teases ‘new chapter’ for Ziggy

Now that Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) is on the mend, Sophie Dillman of Home and Away has revealed to that Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) are set to face a new battle.

Last summer, the surf instructor was gravely injured in a horrific vehicle accident, but the tragedy brought him happiness when he was reunited with his previous love Ziggy.

“Since the accident, Ziggy has thrown herself into the deep end by working as a stay-at-home nurse!” Sophie added, “It’s been a long journey for both of them.”

“She’s always worried about whether she’s doing the right thing and if Dean will improve.” She’s just trying to keep things moving by placing one foot in front of the other.”

The big elephant in the room is Dean’s rehabilitation, which means there hasn’t been any activity in the bedroom since their reunion! Sophie remarked, “It’s quietly frustrating for both of them.”

“The nicest part about starting a relationship is how you can’t keep your hands off one other, but she can’t touch him right now since he’s groaning in pain! It’s quite difficult for them.”

Dean brings up the matter with Dr. Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) because he wants to know when he’ll be medically fit to be intimate.

Their conversation is inspired by a line from Jack Nicholson’s character in the 2003 romantic comedy Something’s Gotta Give, in which he asks the same question.

“If you can go up a flight of stairs, you can have sex,” Logan says Dean. Sophie burst out laughing.

“One of my favourite movies is Something’s Gotta Give, and when I read the script, I realised it was a reference to the film.”

Following Logan’s advise, Ziggy notices Dean trying to walk up a flight of stairs, and the two have an open and honest discussion.

“Dean had a hard time talking about anything previously, so it’s great to see him open up,” Sophie says.

“They do ultimately progress, and they are eventually able to complete the task!” It’s lovely, because it confirms that they’re truly in love and want to be there for one another.

“After the initial rehabilitation, Dean must consider whether he can surf again and whether his business can continue.”

“There is a long road ahead with many difficult, difficult, and significant decisions and revelations.”

Sophie likes the writers’ attempt to portray a realistic picture of what it’s like to recover from a big injury rather than rushing Dean back to health.

“We wanted to illustrate how difficult this type of situation can be, and it’s not simply a fast repair; you don’t just start doing things again,” she said.

“It’s a long and difficult journey, but you’ll get there in the end, and it’ll be worthwhile.”

“I hope they get to have some fun once they’ve fully recovered from this disaster and their relationship.”

“They may not be a couple that would necessarily marry or have additional children, but I believe they truly live in the now.” I sincerely hope they have exciting adventures!”

While Sophie and Patrick are a real-life pair, she has hinted that Ziggy will have her own plot, centred on her garage co-workers Justin Morgan (James ‘Jimmy’ Stewart) and Theo Poulos, who are both on the show (Matt Evans).

“The audience is clearly invested in Ziggy and Dean’s relationship, which we greatly enjoy.” We have a lot of fun working together, and we want to do them justice,” she said.

“But Ziggy also has a tremendous plot ahead of him, with a lot of really entertaining garage and automotive stuff to look forward to.”

“I adore working with Jimmy; he’s a fantastic actor as well as a fantastic friend.” Matt is a hard worker with a nice fresh face, and he has a fantastic sense of fun.

“Because we all get along so well, we’re like the Three Amigos in the garage!”


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