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Home and Away’s Rose Delaney steps up search for her father

Next week, Rose Delaney from Home and Away will intensify her quest to find her biological father on UK television, as her interest in her own background continues to increase.

Scenes from the upcoming episode of Channel 5 in the UK will depict Rose’s tense relationship with her half-brother Xander. Rose was motivated to search for her biological father after spending time with her boyfriend Mali Hudson’s family, but Xander won’t accept her efforts.

Rose shares her search for her father with encouraging Mali, letting her know that she hasn’t told Xander about the lead because she doesn’t want to take a chance on upsetting him before she has more details.

Later, Rose’s curiosity gets the better of her at the police station, where she searches Samuel Edwards’ records—the man she believes might be her father.

Rose reveals her secret after being exposed by her coworker Cash Newman: Given that Samuel was born in Cape Town, it’s possible that she is part South African.

But Rose also discovers a marriage licence, and she knows that Samuel was undoubtedly married when she was conceived.

The truth appears to be proven when Xander’s mother and she get on the phone and she says that Samuel Edwards must be her father.

Rose confides with Mali and Kirby Aramoana later on, still in shock over her discovery of her biological father, and expresses how much she envies their ties to their culture. As she listens to them discuss their ancestry, her curiosity about her own grows.

Rose will soon be pulling up in front of an opulent house and seeing an address written on a pad. When will Rose ever get to see her father?

Actor Bert LaBonte plays Samuel, and star Kirsty Marillier recently discussed his entrance on the serial opera, saying she was excited to work with him.


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