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Coronation Street’s Tyrone tries to win back Fiz in 30 new spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images showcasing what’s in store on the cobblestones starting Monday, September 13.

Monday, September 13:

Fiz’s potential love affair Phill is back. They should go out for a bite to eat, according to Phill. Tyrone’s mechanic is definitely envious when he hears about this.

Imran wears the same clothing he wore the night before. What has happened to him?

Imran appears embarrassed about what he’s been up to. He claims to have gotten drunk and spent the night at work.

Tyrone puts his heart and soul on the line. He tells Fiz about how much he liked their kiss and how he met Alina by chance.

Fiz is perplexed as he hears. Is she willing to reclaim Tyrone?


Dev is under a lot of stress. Aadi has accused him of being uninterested in Summer’s romance.

Dev attempts to disprove Aadi’s claims. He invites Aadi, Summer, and Billy to a dinner party.

Aadi, Summer, and Billy are having a good time together. Will Dev’s strategy work?

Wednesday, September 15:

Craig is asked about PC Brody’s handling of James and Michael once more. PC Brody’s allegation against James is being re-examined.

Craig finally says it like it is. He emphasises that James was not driving recklessly and that the Baileys were not in any way hostile.

At the café, Summer and Aadi catch up. Last night’s dinner gathering did not go as planned.

Aadi says that he has persuaded Dev to foot the bill for lunch. This is an apology for Dev’s inebriated behaviour the night before. Summer and Aadi talk about how much they like each other, but they both agree to take things gently at first.

Tyrone and Alina have hit a snag. Tyrone has stated his desire to reunite with Fiz.

Alina has exacted her vengeance. The word “liar” has been scribbled across their couple’s photo.

Tyrone isn’t looking forward to becoming the focus of further rumours. Alina has decided to leave the cobblestones, but Tyrone is hoping to persuade her to stay.

Thursday, September 16:

Tyrone follows Alina to a motel. Alina is still adamant on leaving, but she has yet to travel.

Tyrone and Alina are no longer together, according to Alina. Will Tyrone be able to accept this?

Imran informs Toyah with some important information. Kelly will be seen by a psychologist, which he has hired.

Toyah finds out how Imran paid for it. Imran spent the remainder of their secret donor’s funds, then made up the difference himself.

Daniel is in the process of becoming a teacher. However, things go sideways when Max acts out in class.

Max and Daniel had a disagreement. Paddy Bever has been hired in the role of Max, which has been recast.

Friday, September 17:

Phill leaves his vehicle in the garage. Fiz’s new love interest continues to make an appearance.

Tyrone offers Phill a cold welcome. It appears like they will never get along.

Tyrone devises a strategy. He decides to examine Phill’s car for evidence that would discredit him. When Tyrone discovers a napkin with a woman’s name and phone number written on it, he is fascinated.

Alya is in a state of flux. After being duped by a caller claiming to be from the bank, the company account was robbed of thousands of dollars.

Zeedan reappears. He agrees to send her £50,000 to tide her over after being hired by Alya.

Yasmeen is compelled to listen to Alya explain her error. What will Yasmeen’s reaction be?

Freda gets some good news from Gemma. Following the tragic news of Norris’ death, Gemma must explain that she will be unable to attend the burial due to a conflict with Aled’s operation.

Freda urges Gemma to reconsider her position on cochlear implants. She claims that Gemma and Chesney are altering Aled’s personality. That is not the case, as Gemma tells her.

As Gary rows with Sharon, Maria is enthralled. When Gary confesses that Sharon was Rick’s sidekick, Maria urges him to stay away from Sharon and leave Kelly to Imran.


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