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‘Coronation Street’ spoilers: Tyrone Dobbs and Alina are over!

Tyrone Dobbs reveals that he doesn’t want to be with Alina in tonight’s second episode of Coronation Street.

Tyrone eventually tells Alina how he truly feels and says he wants to be with Fiz again, breaking Alina’s heart. Emma confides in her and tells her what Tyrone said about Fiz, but has she been keeping something from him as well?

Meanwhile, Fiz informs Phill about her kiss with Tyrone, but adds that it has just confirmed her affections for him. Phill exhales a sigh of relief, thinking that they would now be able to get closer.

Alina guarantees a very public humiliation by dumping their photoshoot image at the garage with the word “lie” written across Tyrone’s face before jumping into a cab to leave the street for ever.

Emma tells a surprised Tyrone something that prompts him to run over to Alina and persuade her to remain as Fiz and Phill head to the cafe for a date. Will it be successful?

Ken, Rita, and Mary all arrive at the hospital to be greeted by Freda, who informs them that Norris died half an hour ago. Does Freda know what Norris intended to tell him when Ken admits that he wanted to share some vital news with him? Later, the Rovers offer a glass to Norris, who has passed away.

a repentant Craig expresses his belief that his interview will aid the inquiry. James, on the other hand, is unimpressed, claiming that he should have revealed the truth from the start. Craig appears to have more work to do to put things right…



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