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Logies 2023: Home and Away’s Emily Symons on being a single mum and escaping UK soap fame

Emily Symons is happy she left the UK’s soap industry for our country so she could be a single mother off-camera in peace and quiet.

After three successive eras of playing Marilyn Chambers, the Home and Away veteran has earned her first-ever Logie nomination.

But in the meanwhile, she rose to fame in the UK by spending seven years as Louise Appleton in Emmerdale. She also married and divorced aristocrat Lorenzo Smith of the WH Smith dynasty.

At the age of 53, she enjoys blending in so she can concentrate on parenting her kid.

Emily Symons

Regarding her success on British television, she remarked, “There were 12 million viewers a night when I was on Emmerdale.

“EastEnders and Coronation Street have more than 10 million viewers combined. Because there is a larger population there and more people are watching, your exposure is greater. It isn’t as bad here. I can go about with ease. I don’t really get seen or acknowledged while I’m not at work.

The actress discusses how in Britain, stardom followed her everywhere she went.


At Emmerdale, things were much different. People used to camp in front of studios. We had a lot of devoted, everywhere-following admirers. That is not present here.

She can manage her household without attention because there are no Australian fans.

“I lead a pretty modest existence. I am a sole parent. I had to rush home after work to make dinner or bring Henry up from school. Actually, I have a terribly dull life. Not at all glamorous in a showbiz sense, according to her.

To assist her in raising her son, the twice-divorced star calls in the cavalry.

I have a wonderful nanny. It supposedly takes a village. I have a great team of carers, nannies, and other people that support me and make it all work, just like other working mothers do, she admits.

“I am very appreciative that they allow me to go to work every day because working families need to have a system in place. so fortunate to have that.

Although her allegiances span two continents, her current heart belongs to Home and Away and Australia.

Although I was born and reared in Australia, I am half English. “My accent grows more English when I speak to English speakers. I had a beautiful journey and had a very great time there, however now that I am back… I am the parent of a young boy who attends this school. We shall be here for a while.

Emily Symons Ray Meagher

In Marilyn, it appears she has a job for life at this pace.

The fact that my character was never killed off has allowed me to revisit her throughout my life, which is the nicest thing for me. She stated of playing her in the 1980s, 1990s, and the past 13 years: “This character has been extremely nice to me and the programme.

And she can’t wait to hire babysitters to watch if she wins the Most Popular Actress award at the Logies night at the end of this month.

“We like the chance to step outside of our daily routines and have our hair and clothes done. Tonight is great. “We really like it,” she exclaims.

I never set any expectations for myself. Never once did I think about becoming nominated. It came as a complete surprise. I was thrilled,” she exclaims.

“You simply believe that’s never going to be an option for me because I’m older and have worked there for so long. I’m really, really happy about it.


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