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Neighbours – what is newcomer JJ Varga-Murphy hiding?

In addition to bringing back some old characters in Neighbours’ big comeback episode, a brand-new family also got their fair share of screen time.

The Varga-Murphy family, consisting of parents Cara and Remi and their teenage boys JJ and Dex, has been brought in by the show’s executives.

The most of the suspense in Monday’s episode (September 18) came from JJ, the oldest child, who appeared to have an unusually strong interest in Ramsay Street.

At first, the Varga-Murphys occupied the Street temporarily, renting out Jane Harris’s house as she prepared to travel to London with her partner, Mike Young.

Not long after Jane had welcomed Erinsborough’s newest residents, JJ quietly used the occasion to begin asking her questions about the Street and its people.

JJ felt especially drawn to the tight-knit society in which everyone appears to know one another.

Harold Bishop quickly learned of JJ’s curious actions and chose to intervene by presenting him with the well-known Ramsay Street history book.

All of this looked to be out of character behaviour for JJ; Cara told Remi that he seemed oddly interested in the Street.

What does it all mean? JJ was then spotted gazing carefully towards the different houses outside. Here are some future episode spoilers.

A recent interview with the Varga-Murphy family revealed that JJ’s hunt for his biological father would be the centrepiece of the clan’s first major plot.

The actress who plays Cara, Sara West, stated to Digital Spy and other media outlets: “Cara and Remi used American donors to undertake IVF to have their children. As far as they are aware!

“JJ has discovered some data. While everyone is visiting Ramsay Street for the vacation, JJ is curious to learn more about his biological father. Because JJ believes he lives on Ramsay Street, it brings the family to that address.

However, Cara and Remi are unaware of that! Since JJ completed the task on his own, they are unaware that anything is going on.”

She went on, “JJ just has a lot going on in the background that the other family members aren’t fully aware of at first. In certain instances, you wonder: “Is that him? Was that him? Thus, the twists are yet unknown to us.”

JoJo is the one who pushes boundaries, said Naomi Rukavina, who plays Remi. That being said, he’s naturally quite the good boy, so it’s interesting to watch him act like “the bad boy” when he’s actually so charming!

“Dex, on the other hand, is younger and prefers everything to be extremely harmonious.”


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