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Home and Away Spoilers – Justin discovers Ava’s saucy photos

Ava (Annabel Wolfe), Justin’s 16-year-old daughter, unexpectedly showed up at the garage a few weeks ago, surprising Justin (James Stewart), but it didn’t take long for viewers to figure out that Ava had another reason for dropping by the Morgan home.

The individual behind an anonymous Lyrik fan account who had developed a fascination with the band’s lead singer Theo (Matt Evans) turned discovered to be Ava.

Theo and his girlfriend Kirby (Angelina Thomson) had been concerned about the account, which was posting under the handle “I 3 Theo,” and had ultimately blocked it.

Kirby was aware of Ava’s obsession with Theo, and given Ava’s growing hostility towards her over time, she had reason to believe that it wasn’t just a simple crush. This idea was confirmed when Kirby found Ava’s scrapbook and learned of her secret identity.

Justin was satisfied with Ava’s assurances that she had completely moved over her crush on Theo, but Theo decided to go and stay with Kirby for a time because he continued to feel uneasy around the teenager.

In the meantime, Justin has dismissed the possibility that Ava might be deceiving him and has defended her whenever Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Ava’s tutor Roo (Georgie Parker) have attempted to discuss it.

Justin believes he will finally make progress with the father-daughter relationship next week. Ava discloses that she overheard Justin and Leah arguing about her as the two stroll down the shore. Justin reassures Ava that it was him that Leah was upset at, as she worries that she’s getting in the way of her dad and Leah.


Roo decides to look at Ava’s social media account after learning about her recent actions. There, she discovers a seductive image of Ava posing in what she claims to be her boyfriend’s shirt.

Leah is horrified to see that not only is the shirt Theo’s, but the picture was also taken on his bed when concerned Roo brings it to her.

Leah almost caught Ava shooting the shot on her return from Cyprus a few weeks ago, though she was unaware of it at the time. Ava had claimed to be seeking for a phone charger that she had lent Theo, which had left her perplexed when she discovered her in his room.

Leah is told by Roo that she must tell Justin because she is unable to remain silent, but she is not at all looking forward to this assignment.

As they bake biscuits in the kitchen at home, the father and daughter are the picture of a content family.

Leah enters and hears Justin comment on how fortunate he is to be with Ava. Reluctantly, she asks him if she may speak to him alone.

Justin is horrified to learn that Ava has been deceiving him as Leah shows him the photo. She has been playing Theo ever since she arrived, which is now clear to be nothing more than a ploy to get closer to Theo, but her crush on him is still very much true.

Justin is furious with himself for blindly defending his daughter all this time, even though the image was visible to the rest of the globe.

Later, Leah decides that it would be better to go stay with Roo for a while in order to give Justin and Ava some space because she knows the argument will be challenging and doesn’t want Ava to feel like they are teaming up against her.

Leah reassures Justin that he can manage it even though he’s not sure he can do it without her.

While Theo and Kirby practice, Ava has brought the biscuits to the Lyrik home and invited herself inside. Ava’s brazenness stuns Kirby, who pulls her aside to explain that Theo doesn’t want to spend any time with her.

But it’s obvious that Ava’s illusions have intensified as she asserts that Theo is truly in love with her and is trying to keep it from Kirby. Ava sends Kirby the image as “proof” after being expelled.

Theo realizes he needs to meet with Justin to clear up any misunderstandings after being shocked by what Kirby shows him, but he discovers that Justin is already aware of what happened. The problem has finally dawned on Justin, and he apologizes to Theo for not seeing it sooner.

All bets are off when Ava confidently asserts that she and Theo are in a relationship when she eventually goes home and finds Justin and Theo waiting. Justin tells Ava to stop talking and sit down as Theo starts to object.

Justin is able to recognize that Ava has a significant issue, but they are unaware that what happens next will have effects for months to come.


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