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Neighbours’ Toadie Rebecchi left rattled by Terese Willis confession

After his wife Terese Willis admits to lying to him, Toadie Rebecchi of Neighbours will have enough to ponder over the coming week.

The next several days will see more tension on Toadie’s marriage as Terese concentrates on helping her ex-husband Paul Robinson.

At the beginning of this month, Paul was horrified to learn that his son David Tanaka had died in a catastrophic cliff fall with Eden Shaw.

When Terese seems to be moving away from him in favour of supporting Paul, Toadie worries that he might be losing her.

One pivotal event occurs this week when, after David’s burial, Terese slips away to see how Paul is doing.

Terese then tells Toadie a falsehood regarding her whereabouts. She doesn’t know that cunning Later, Chelsea Murphy causes difficulties by telling Toadie about her deceit.

Toadie is left stunned by a shocking revelation from his ex-wife Melanie Pearson early the next week. It will be interesting to watch what Melanie says to Toadie, but it’s clear that she’s having a hard time moving on from their breakup.


Toadie chooses the easy route by attempting to ignore Melanie rather than dealing with the matter later.

Then, oblivious to the fact that Toadie already knows about this because of Chelsea, Terese admits her own secret about seeing Paul and lying about it.

Toadie feels more guilty than ever because of Terese’s candour about how Melanie has been acting inappropriately in their recent exchanges.

Toadie tries to crush Melanie’s dreams when he confronts her, but he just makes them stronger. Is it a matter of time until someone experiences heartbreak in this chaotic circumstance?

These scenes from Neighbours air on Monday, February 19.


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