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Neighbours to introduce new character Felix in March episodes

Next month, a new character will be introduced to the Rodwell home for fans of Neighbours.

Felix, Andrew’s brother, will debut on the show in early March, and James Beaufort has been cast in the role.

Andrew, Wendy, and Sadie Rodwell are shown extending cordial greetings to Felix in recently disclosed spoiler images.

Felix doesn’t seem to have taken up residence at Number 26 for very long, suggesting that the family is close.

Later on, he would also appear in scenes alongside JJ Varga-Murphy, the young neighbour of the Rodwells.

The official synopsis of Neighbours for Wednesday, March 6th’s Felix premiere episode states: “The Rodwell house expands as three become four.”

It is added in the upcoming Thursday, March 7 episode that “Felix is confronted by a terrifying possibility.”


Managers of the show have also hinted at Felix’s possible relationship with JJ. Wednesday, March 13’s teaser billing reads, “Felix is drawn to JJ, despite his best efforts.”

The billing for Thursday, March 14th adds: “JJ utilises Felix’s guidance. Felix takes a crucial choice.”

Felix’s persona will be further disclosed closer to the time, since Neighbours usually gives more detailed episode synopses one week before to airing.

These early hints suggest that future scenes may explore the question of JJ’s parentage.

JJ was desperate to find his biological father and looked into the possibility that Andrew was him when he and his family relocated to Erinsborough in September.

Even after a DNA test proved otherwise, Andrew continued to act as though he was hiding something from his relatives.


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