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Sam Frost admits she misses Home and Away in sentimental post

Sam Frost has released a post on social media saying that she misses working on Home and Away after declaring her departure late last year.

The former Bachelorette, who has played Jasmine Delaney on the long-running soap opera since 2017, shared a behind-the-scenes blooper on Instagram on Tuesday.

Sam trips on the sand during filming a beach scene and then bursts out laughing with her co-stars.

“I was looking through my camera roll for H&A clips when I stumbled across this gem… She captioned the video, “What an idiot,” and added that she’s “legit the world’s clumsiest person.”

“Geez I miss laughing with the guys; it was a lot of fun.”

Several of Sam’s famous fans took to the comments section to mock her misfortune, including Bonnie Anderson of Neighbours, who exclaimed, “This is the best ever!”

“I swear to God, I adore you!” “Already watched five times through and just keeps getting funnier,” Angie Kent wrote, followed by Rove McManus, Sam’s former radio co-host.

“One of my favourite moments, from one of my favourite people!” “Ditch Davey, a Home and Away star, replied.

‘I needed to take a step back’

Despite reports that Sam had left the Channel Seven series because to her controversial Covid-19 immunisation stance, the 32-year-old shared the real reason for her choice on her Believe By Sam Frost Instagram account earlier this month.

“I left my dream job as a writer on Home and Away to focus on my mental health.” I needed to take a breather, return home, and spend time with my family. “And, above all, look after my health and well-being,” she wrote.

“Now I spend my days with the people I care about, doing the things I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because I was too preoccupied with work.” I spent 4.5 years as a distant friend, a distant girlfriend, and a sister who was unable to be present at major life events. I’m making up for lost time right now. I’m putting my health and relationships first.

“Sometimes I wake up worried about money, work, and whether or not I’ll be able to pay my mortgage… But then I remember how important it is to prioritise our mental health and take time to heal our mind, body, and soul. “Everything else will fall into place.”

‘The door is not closed’

Sam’s statements came after Lynne McGranger, Sam’s former co-star, indicated that she is likely considering a return to television now that she has been fully vaccinated.

“Can I just say the door is not closed, it’s very much an open door,” she told Fitzy & Wippa, adding that she is most likely “in negotiations” with the show’s producers to return.

“Of course, getting vaccinated was a challenge, but I’m here to tell you that she is now twice vaccinated, and maybe boosted as well.”

Sam is said to have returned to her homeland of Melbourne to be closer to her friends and family, and she finished filming her final scenes in Summer Bay in January.


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