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Home and Away spoilers: Justin and Leah confront their future as a couple?

Leah is prepared to gradually move past her trauma now that she is back in Summer Bay following her spell at a mental health center. To her fiancé Justin’s dismay, nevertheless, she wants to go solo.

This week on Home And Away, Ada Nicodemou’s character Leah calls Marilyn (Emily Symons). As she heads back home, she requests to remain with her and Alf (Ray Meagher) so that Justin (James Stewart) is unaware of her whereabouts.

“Leah is still very cautious,” 46-year-old Ada says to TV WEEK. “The nightmares started at that house, therefore she is unable to return there. She also cut the man she loves with a knife. She won’t trust herself in his presence until she’s fully recovered.”

Despite being aware of Justin’s pain, Alf finds it difficult to maintain Leah’s secret. However, he makes the decision to be honest with his friend when they are at the surf club together. And even if Alf forbids him from going, Justin rushes to the RV park after hearing his remarks.
James, 48, says, “Justin pines for Leah and thinks about her all the time.” “He understands, but her psychosis has caused him great distress.”

When Justin arrives on the doorstep uninvited, Leah allows him inside to talk – although she’s angry with both him and Alf for disregarding her feelings.

Over coffee, Leah reflects on her time in the clinic and her need to go slow. Justin urges her to come home, pleading that it will work out. But the pressure is too much and Leah snaps, “There is no us!” – at least not until she’s better.

Can the once happy couple find their way back to each other?


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