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Neighbours star Tim Kano reveals new Paul Robinson scheme

Tim Kano, who portrays Leo Tanaka on Neighbours, has spilled the beans on Paul Robinson’s upcoming scheme to put business before of family once more.

Paul (Stefan Dennis) will learn about Leo and Montana’s affair in upcoming episodes. Instead of addressing their passionate moment, the business magnate will exploit what he’s witnessed for his own gain.

Tim revealed the idea to Inside Soap, saying Paul arrives at the vineyard and spies on the couple.

“At that time, Leo is attempting to terminate things with Montana, but Paul sees them together when they reconcile […] And he understands precisely what’s going on,” he revealed.

Tim noted that Paul takes advantage of the chance because he’s “now embroiled in a difficult divorce with Terese.” “So he seizes the opportunity to jeopardise Fashion Week, even if it means exposing Leo and Montana in the process.”

Tim took advantage of the situation by stating that Paul “takes what he’s witnessed between Leo and Montana, and aims to use it against Terese – which, as always, is his major motivation!”

Tim also revealed that because he develops “very strong” feelings for Montana, his character tries to shield her from Paul’s schemes.


“It’s personal for Leo, and he wants to protect Montana from Paul’s scheming,” he added.

Unfortunately for Paul, his attempts to prioritise work over family backfire as Fashion Week approaches.

Will Paul’s charges bring Leo and Montana closer together or rip them apart in the end?


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