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Neighbours spoilers: Lying Glen cornered as Kiri’s mum comes to town

In Neighbours, Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) and Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) have teamed up and are on Glen (Richard Huggett), so he’s in full distraction mode to keep his secret hidden.

As Chloe and Nic become increasingly convinced that he is Kiri’s father, he becomes desperate and tries to divert attention by awkwardly confessing his love for Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) in an attempt to explain his strange behavior. Glen is taken aback when he learns that Chloe falls for it hook, line, and sinker, to the point where she tells Terese about it. To put it another way, everything worked a bit too well, and Glen now has to deal with the fallout.

Terese meets Glen with this startling revelation and politely expresses her dissatisfaction. He reveals what truly happened, backed into a corner, that it was a lie to save his skin. They each exhale a sigh of relief on the outside, but is the inside revealing a different story?

Whatever their feelings are, their happiness is fleeting.

Who’ll be the first to arrive in town? Kiri’s (Gemma Bird Matheson) mother – the one person who has the potential to expose Glen’s secret if she sees him. She shows up at the vineyard to surprise Kiri, who is overjoyed and eager to meet her mother and introduce her to her coworkers.

Glen manages to avoid the first round of probable detection, but when Kiri invites him to dinner to meet her mother, he’s forced to fabricate a story to get out of it. Kiri is clueless, but Nic, who is hyper-aware, picks up on his odd behavior and exposes him.

She’s rubbing her hands together with delight, as she now feels vindicated, and she’s on a quest to obtain complete proof.


And Glen is about to arouse the suspicions of someone else — Paul’s (Stefan Dennis). He watches Glen and Terese seeming to be more than friends and speaks with his brother about it, but he quickly realizes Glen isn’t telling the whole truth. He decides to team up with Nic to find out what Glen is trying to conceal. Is Glen’s phone number available?

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, April 25.


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