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Home and Away spoilers: Will Irene be sent to jail?

Irene has been in legal problems, but she has tried to ignore it. This week, she will appear in court and find out her fate. Might she end up in jail?
On Home And Away, Irene (Lynne McGranger) shows up at court for her hearing after a difficult week.

She is nervous and trembling when her attorney Greta (Amanda McGregor) meets her and briefs her on the judge and the opposite bench. They are in for a difficult battle because he strictly enforces the restrictions.
After being taken into custody for harbouring Dana (Ally Harris), a wanted fugitive, Irene has made every effort to put the incident and her friends behind her. But fear can be her undoing if she doesn’t fight back.
The 70-year-old Lynne tells TV WEEK, “Irene was hesitant, because she was trying to convince herself it wasn’t going to come to anything.” “The thought of going back to jail would be too much to bear.”

The mood is tight as the hearing begins. Irene is receiving support from Dana, her sister Harper (Jessica Redmayne), and John (Shane Withington); this is a touching moment for Irene, who has previously rejected them all.
“She feels dreadful in court – she thinks she’s gone for all money, because [policewoman] Rose [Kirsty Marillier] had told her she could get seven years in jail,” Lynne relates.
“The last time she was in jail she ended up back on the alcohol again.”
When the judge seems uncaring and the prosecutor requests the maximum punishment of seven years, things quickly get out of hand.

Irene would like to make a statement, Greta scurries to say. But will it help or hamper given Irene’s past and the judge’s disapproval? Irene reiterates her faith in goodness and her motivations for keeping Dana hidden, speaking from the heart. Although it’s a powerful speech, not everyone agrees.
“Irene is frightened,” Lynne remarks.
Irene appears to hear the decision the next morning. As the judge renders his decision, she gives her friends one more look and wipes away her tears.
Will the jury find her guilty?


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