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Neighbours spoilers: Hendrix Greyson gets engagement party SURPRISE!

On Neighbours, Hendrix Greyson (Ben Turland) and his fiancee, Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone), aren’t wasting any time in throwing a party to celebrate their engagement!

Everyone on Ramsay Street is invited to Hendrix and Mackenzie’s engagement celebration at the Kennedy residence (except the unpopular Rodwell family!).

The couple, who got engaged in Sydney, understands that life is short and that they don’t want to waste any of their time together.

Hendrix appears to be having a good time, and the party is a pleasant distraction from the fact that he has pulmonary fibrosis and requires a lung transplant to live longer.

Hendrix receives an unexpected phone call with some SURPRISE news just as the celebration is getting started.

Is it, however, good… or bad… news for Hendrix?

Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) feels confused about seeing her mother, Estelle Petrides (Maria Mercedes, who previously played Carmella Cammeniti’s mother, Lucia, in Neighbours from 2004 to 2007).

Terese hasn’t seen her mother in over a decade!

WHAT is the cause of the family discord?

WHERE has Estelle been for the past few years?

Estelle claims she’s arrived in Erinsborough to put their family feud behind them.

Terese, on the other hand, communicates with her brother, Nick Petrides (remember him?). He was a shady doctor!) and learns the truth about Estelle’s motivation.

She is a homeless woman with nowhere to go!

Will Terese be sympathetic to Estelle?

Or send her packing before she’s even unpacked her belongings?

Meanwhile, Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts) is unsure where she and Levi Canning (Richie Morris) stand following their kiss.

Freya’s Number 24 pals give her the go light to pursue Erinsborough’s most eligible copper.

Will it be sizzle… or fizzle… when Freya and Levi meet uncomfortably at Hendrix and Mackenzie’s engagement party?


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