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Neighbours spoilers: Divorce drama confirmed for Terese Willis and Paul Robinson

In the most recent episode of Neighbours, Paul Robinson’s (Stefan Dennis) never-ending quest to make things right with Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) backfired spectacularly.

After paying a doctor to give him a false disease in the hopes that she would stay and look after him, the Ramsay Street legend is hell-bent on making up with his wife.

Terese, on the other hand, discovered the reality after David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) dug into his father’s so-called experts.

Paul has tried everything he can to make amends with Terese, but she refuses to speak with him again, and who could blame her after the trick he pulled?

Paul launched another massive act on Thursday’s (February 17) episode of Channel 5 serial drama, enlisting Karl and Susan Kennedy (Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne) in his scheme to reclaim Terese.

As he chatted with Terese, he hoped that the iconic pair would act as mediators, but his strategy didn’t go as planned, as he insulted both Karl and Susan in the process!

Meanwhile, Harlow (Jemma Donovan) found out about her grandfather’s plotting and warned him that he was embarrassing himself.

Paul, on the other hand, was adamant that he could make Terese see how remorseful he was, so he wrote her a letter.

Terese, on the other hand, refused to read the letter.

Instead, she showed up to Lassiters to return the item to her husband, stating that he would not be able to win her back this time.

She actually wants a divorce! Is this the end of the road for the couple?


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