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Neighbours reveals more details on its upcoming tragedy

Neighbours has revealed additional information about the tragedy that will occur next week, including the role played by Eden Shaw and Veronica McLain in the passing of a beloved character.

We disclosed last week that a holiday gone horribly wrong would bring catastrophe to some of our favourite characters on Neighbours.

The group of friends, David (Takaya Honda), Aaron (Matt Wilson), Leo (Takaya Honda), Krista (Majella Davis), and Nicolette (Hannah Monson), are scheduled to go for Erinsborough the following week for a much-needed vacation. However, events quickly take a dire turn, and it appears that just one of them will return.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

According to spoilers, on Wednesday, January 31, the episode “a dream holiday quickly turns into a nightmare,” while on Thursday, “the residents of Ramsay Street are shaken by a terrible tragedy.”

The five will be caught off guard when Eden Shaw (Costa D’Angelo) and Veronica McLain (Ellen Grimshaw) make an unexpected visit, and at least one of them will be connected to the demise of one of our favourite Neighbours characters, according to a new promo and images that Amazon Frevee has released.

After being arrested for his crimes, which included blackmailing Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) by tricking him into thinking Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) had killed Krista, Eden was last seen being taken off to jail.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

He’s returned now, and he’s headed to the fivesome’s vacation spot.

Ben King / Freevee from Amazon

Ben King / Freevee from Amazon

Meanwhile, Veronica has been seeking retribution after discovering that Nicolette was the reason behind her husband Sasha’s departure.

Though Nicolette hasn’t been able to defuse the tension, she has been attempting to persuade Veronica that she wasn’t at fault and that Veronica would be better off without Sasha anyhow.

Sasha (Sunny S. Walia) will arrive in Erinsborough at the start of the following week, and when Veronica witnesses him and Nicolette together at Harold’s Cafe, she worries.

Amazon Freevee / Jackson Finter

She will now appear at Nicolette and company’s vacation, but will she be involved in the shocking demise?

Amazon Freevee / Jackson Finter

Aaron exclaims, “This is it,” as the group is shown in the stunning new trailer being ecstatic as they arrive at their holiday getaway. Quiet and tranquility!”

Nicolette exclaims, “Just what we needed,” and David responds, “Excellent friends, and even more family.”

The next scene shows Nicolette waking up from her nap and noticing a shadowy figure scuttling around the house.

She cries out, “Are you guys still here?” before slinking upstairs to find out who else is home.

Jane may be heard inquiring of her daughter, “You’re not considering Veronica, are you? I hope you’ll be able to forget about her and simply enjoy your vacation.

After after, we see Veronica standing on the retreat’s roof, and just before that, we hear her say, “All you do is lie to me.”

The teaser informs us that “someone’s not coming home,” but Nicolette corrects us, saying in a terrified tone, “Whatever you think you saw, you’re wrong.”

“Where are you?” cries Veronica, just before dramatic shots show David and Aaron sprinting towards someone, and Krista seemingly tackling someone to the ground.

Krista witnesses a confrontation between two characters as they battle dangerously close to a big drop.

Krista exclaims, “Stop!” and “I’m aware you’re present!”

The most dramatic scene in the trailer occurs when Leo and Krista suddenly stop in front of Eden, who is positioned with assurance.

Hello, Krista.

The actor who plays Eden, Costa D’Angelo, wrote, “I’m back 😈” as a comment on the Instagram picture.

Ben King / Freevee from Amazon

A long-term character’s death is hinted at in a teaser aired by Network 10, the Australian broadcaster of Neighbours.

In the teaser, the characters fade in and out with the words, “Who will say goodbye… forever?” It is revealed that either Aaron, Karl (Alan Fletcher), Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), Jane (Annie Jones), Toadie, or Susan (Jackie Woodburne) will pass away.


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