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Ada Nicodemou reveals shock new career move after 23 years starring on Home and Away

Ada Nicodemou, a beloved from Home and Away, has disclosed her unexpected career change.

The well-known soap opera diva revealed the publication of Mia Megastar, her debut children’s book, on Wednesday.

Ada, 46, has spent 23 years as a star on Home and Away.

Nicodemou started her announcement post with the words, “I’m very excited to announce my brand new book, Mia Megastar!”

“It’s the ideal junior fiction book for all the young people out there (targeting 8-year-old girls and above) who want to be megastars; it’s all about family, food, friendship, and fun,” she went on.

‘Congratulations Ada, how thrilling!’ wrote co-star Emily Symonds, one of Ada’s famous friends, as soon as she received her congratulations.

“This is fantastic!” Michael Clarke’s ex-wife Kyly commented, “We will get it,” referring to their daughter Kelsey Lee.

The professional update follows last week’s stunning childhood photo that Nicodemou released.

Ada was seen smiling in the picture with a “floral crown” in her hair, a bouquet of flowers, and a pink dress with puff sleeves.

The well-known actress has her dark hair “piled” into an ornate hairstyle for the picture, and she is grinning broadly for the camera.

Ada clarified in the caption that she is posing as a “flower girl” in the picture.

She joked, “Flower girl goals,” and then said, “Throwback to Taffeta Thursday.”

In the share, she also used an emoji for laughing.

Ada received a flurry of messages from admirers praising her for her “blast from the past.”

“I recall those times.” Gorgeous,” said a friend.

A different fan commented, “Awwwww hehe too cute.”

“You were so adorable!” shared yet another,

Adam Rigby, Ada’s longtime boyfriend, and she are currently dating.

She has previously gushed to New Idea about how easy they clicked, saying he was unaware of her fame when they met at a work function.

“Well, it’s kind of cool, right?” said she. She remarked about Adam, “I liked that he had no idea about the show.”

His bond with her son Johnas has also been complimented by her, who said that the two ‘love each other’ and that she is fortunate to have found a partner who is so tolerant of her child.

Together with her ex-husband Chrys Xipolitas, the actress is joint parent of Johnas.

Ada first became well-known for her role as Kat on the Channel 10 soap opera Heartbreak High.

Later on, she transitioned to her current position on Home and Away as Leah Patterson-Baker.


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