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Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity meets with her attacker

On the upcoming episode of the Australian drama Home and Away, Felicity confronts her assailant after he requests a meeting.

Since having her drink drugged and being sexually attacked at the Battle of the Bands competition back in June, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) has been through the ringer.

Not only did she have to come to terms with her attack, but she also quickly found herself the target of blackmail after her assailant admitted to having footage of the incident and threatened to post it online unless she paid him ever-rising sums of money.

When the attacker requested more money after agreeing to Felicity and Tane’s ($1000) original demand, Tane insisted that they cease collaborating.

Felicity, however, did it alone and raised the money herself, asking brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) for a $10,000 loan and stating she had been overstretching herself financially out of fear that her closest friends would view the tape.

Flick felt she had to stop when the assailant raised his demands to $20,000. She decided to set a trap to catch him because she was tired of always feeling like the victim.

She explained to the attacker, who was later identified as Jeremy (James Dyke), that she couldn’t give him the $20,000 he was demanding for without her husband knowing, so she set up a time and location to give him the money. He specified a boat ramp at neighbouring Brookes Point as the meeting place, and Flick left on his own to make the deposit.

She was only passing them a bag of flyers and scrap paper, which she had already deposited in a wheelie bin at the meeting area.

She snapped covert images of her attacker while she waited in the car for Jeremy to come get the bag.

Soon after, Jeremy was taken into jail by Rose (Kirsty Marillier), and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Tane (Ethan Browne) had to restrain themselves from attacking the man.

Flick was far from Jeremy’s only victim, and he enjoyed recording and documenting all of his past assaults, according to a review of his phone. When he finally admitted guilt, it appeared the agony was ended because Felicity wouldn’t have to give a testimony and Jeremy was assured of doing a significant amount of time in jail.

As a result, Felicity was taken aback when she received a call from the police late last week telling her that Jeremy wanted to meet with her as part of a restorative justice scheme.

She was unsure whether to accept the invitation to the meeting, and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) advised against coming since she thought it would be too upsetting for her at this point in her recovery.

Cash was more understanding when she confided in him because he had witnessed the benefits of the restorative justice programme. Felicity was put in touch with Jessica Redmayne’s Harper, a social worker, who provided her with further details about what would be involved, and Flick agreed to travel to the city to attend the sessions that would launch the process.

In the present, a preview for upcoming episodes depicts Felicity proceeding with the meeting and confronting her assailant in this Thursday’s triple-bill in Australia.

In Salt, Eden and Felicity are conversing when Felicity says, “I still don’t know what exactly happened to me.

She believes that speaking with Jeremy will help her understand what actually transpired that evening.

And you genuinely believe that meeting him will aid in your memory of what transpired? Eden ponders.

In preparation for their encounter, the clip then depicts Jeremy being hauled inside Yabbie Creek Police Station.

Scenes that appear to take place prior to Felicity and Jeremy’s meeting are interspersed in the trailer, and they may imply that there are challenges to be overcome.

In the first, Felicity is seen at the police station, crying as she tells someone: “I detest him. I really detest him.

In the second, Cash, Felicity’s brother, is found at the beach.

Cash says, “Look, you’re unhappy right,” but Felicity cuts him off, saying, “unhappy doesn’t even describe it! He needs to look into my eyes and realise that he lost. I wasn’t broken by him.

As she talks about the upcoming meeting with Felicity, Mackenzie argues, “You are not powerless. “You are the most brave person I know,” I said.

When the encounter finally happens, it appears that Jeremy still has little regret for his actions based on the brief promo.

Before Felicity launches a ferocious attack on him, he shakes his head with a smug smirk on his face.

She spat, “You are pathetic.

Will Felicity finally get the answers she needs after meeting with Jeremy?

As Tane (Ethan Browne), who has once again been kept in the dark about Flick’s plans to meet her assailant, finds out about Felicity’s actions, tensions between the two are certain to increase.

Tane went for New Zealand late last week after speaking with his nephew Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), who had earlier this year left Summer Bay for New York.

Nikau and Tane went to aid Gemma (Bree Peters), Nikau’s mother and Tane’s sister-in-law, who had been in a vehicle accident back in New Zealand.

Tane received the call just before Felicity learned of Jeremy’s plea, and Flick chose to withhold the information from him because she anticipated that he would stay in Summer Bay to support her rather than go help his whanau.

In the third and last of this Thursday’s three episodes, Tane finds Summer Bay vacant and Flick and Cash at the Yabbie Creek police station, where Flick is defending herself from her assailant.

Previously, Felicity had kept Tane in the dark about her attacker’s continued attempts to blackmail her and her preparations to set up a trap to capture him.

In the episode that airs on Monday, August 28, spoilers state that “Tane feels iced out of his marriage,” implying that he is not pleased that Flick once again kept her rendezvous with her attacker a secret from him.

Will her interactions with Flick cause Tane to leave her?


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