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Neighbours reveals fire drama and angry showdowns in 21 new spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images showcasing what’s in store for Ramsay Street in the week ahead, beginning Monday, February 28.

Tuesday, March 1:

Mackenzie is taken aback. At the school, another fire breaks out.

Mackenzie is in an inconvenient location at an inconvenient time. She came to see Zara, who is going through a difficult period.

Mackenzie and Zara had a heart-to-heart recently. When they smelled the smoke, though, it was cut short.

Mackenzie is beginning to lose hope. Because the flames in the corridor are spreading, she and Zara must take refuge in a store cupboard.

Mackenzie is terrified. There doesn’t appear to be any way out.

Zara has a brilliant idea. Is it possible for them both to reach safety?


Wednesday, March 2:

The fire department has returned to the school. Everyone seems to be in a frenzy.

Zara has found a way to go to safety. Aubrey is confronted by her.

Aubrey is accused of sparking the fire by Zara. Aubrey, she claims, has been setting her up.

Aubrey is taken away from Zara. Amy is underwhelmed.

Everyone is unsure about what to believe. Who is the one who is telling the truth?

Zara has a conversation with Amy. She denies any involvement in the fire.

Susan has a few words to say. Zara is confronted by her.

Zara stays true to her storey. She is irritated that no one believes her.

Zara could be in a lot of danger. What does she have in store for the future?

Friday, March 4:

David confides in Dean, one of his coworkers. Dean has been there for David during his marital difficulties.

Dean’s support means a lot to David. Despite Aaron’s recent reservations about their connection, he continues to lean on Dean.

Aaron goes on the offensive. He’s enraged after seeing Dean console David.

Dean ought to back off, according to Aaron. Everyone is taken aback by his outburst.

David makes an attempt to interfere. Aaron’s behaviour has embarrassed him.

The row is still going on. When will everyone be able to relax?


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