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Neighbours’ Karl Kennedy upsets Susan with new betrayal

Karl Kennedy, a popular character on Neighbours, will have to explain himself next week after betraying his wife Susan.

Karl makes the dangerous decision to invest in Montana in a new storyline. Marcel’s business is a way for him to supplement his retirement income.

Karl is rethinking his present financial strategy because he feels obligated to provide Susan with the life she deserves when they both retire.

While Karl thinks it’s a no-brainer to invest in a success story like Montana, he has no idea that her business empire is on the verge of collapsing.

To make matters worse, Karl goes forward with the investment behind Susan’s back, despite her advice not to.

Karl becomes overconfident in his investments in next week’s programmes on Channel 5 and begins pompously dispensing financial advice to anybody he meets.

Clive Gibbons, the hospital’s CEO, disagrees with Karl’s proposals, causing him to reconsider his investment in Montana.


Karl is concerned about continuing to lie to Susan as he begins to silently regret the gamble he has made.

Montana tries to calm Karl’s nerves by assuring him that he’ll get some quick results.

Susan, on the other hand, discovers Karl’s ripped-up original Montana check later. She thanks him for not investing, oblivious to the fact that he later sent another check.

Karl struggles to keep the lie going, and Susan is soon exposed to the truth of the situation.

Susan is unhappy with Karl and decides to take matters into her own hands by requesting a refund from Montana.

Montana feels bad about ruining the Kennedys’ investment because she knows it won’t work out.

Montana is about to return the money as a kind gesture when she overhears Susan disparaging her.

Is this to say Susan will be unable to recoup her investment?


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