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Neighbours goes ROGUE on TikTok: Account posts spicy memes mocking rival soap Home and Away after being cancelled by Channel 5

Australian soap opera with a long history After nearly 37 years on the air, Neighbours was cancelled in March.

And, in the run-up to the final episode, which will show in August, the person in charge of the soap’s official TikTok page has decided to go out on a high note.

On Wednesday, the account @NeighboursTV, which has 42,000 followers, posted a meme ridiculing rival series Home and Away, which received thousands of likes.

The video starts with a photo of the cast of Neighbours and a voice saying, “I wouldn’t wish that onto my worst enemy,” referring to the show’s demise.

‘Unless, of course, we’re talking about my arch-enemy Gwyneth Paltrow…’ says the voice.

A photo of the Home and Away cast appears on screen at this time, implying that the account wishes they had gotten the axe instead.

In the post, the TikTok account downplayed the competition, stating, ‘Jk it’s all love for Summer Bay.’


However, one reviewer commented in the comments section, ‘Home and Away is better sorry.’

‘It’s OK Sarah, ur free to share ur erroneous view,’ the Neighbours account responded.

‘Still trying to figure out who runs this account,’ another fan said, to which the Neighbours account simply replied, ‘Me.’

After UK broadcaster Channel 5 indicated it would no longer offer funds, Neighbours announced in March that production will end on the long-running soap.

‘After nearly 37 years and approximately 9,000 episodes broadcast, we regret to inform you that Neighbours will be ending production in June,’ the statement stated.

‘Following the loss of our important broadcast partner in the United Kingdom, and despite a thorough search for alternative funding, we have no choice but to put the show on hold.’

‘We know this is a big disappointment to our amazing, dedicated fans, as it is to all of us on the team. We appreciate all of your messages and support, and we pledge to end the program on a positive note. We’ll be commemorating Neighbours from now on.’

In a statement to Australian media, Network 10 acknowledged that ending the series was a “tough decision.”

‘Today, Fremantle revealed that Neighbours will end production in June, following over 37 years and approximately 9,000 episodes,’ a representative for the network said.

‘This tough choice was made after an unsuccessful search for an alternate UK broadcast partner.’

They went on to say that the show would ‘not air on 10 Peach after September 2022,’ thereby ending its decades-long run.

‘It has been a cornerstone of Australian television drama and Australian cultural exports for almost 35 years,’ they stated.

‘Ramsay Street, Erinsborough, is a world-famous cul-de-sac that has housed Scott and Charlene, Des and Daphne, Dr Karl and Susan, Dee and Toadie, Aaron and David, and a slew of other residents.

‘Network 10 thanks the cast, crew, production team, and Fremantle for bringing the ideal blend of soap and sunshine to audiences in Australia and throughout the world,’ said the network.

Meanwhile, the soap’s production firm, Fremantle, said it had been unable to find ‘alternative finance’ for the season.

‘It is with sadness that we confirm that Neighbours will cease production in June, after over 37 years and approximately 9,000 episodes broadcast,’ they said in a statement.

‘We currently have no choice but to put the show on hold following the loss of a key broadcast partner in the UK, despite our efforts to find alternative funding.’

On Monday, August 1, Australia and the United Kingdom will see the final episode of Neighbours.


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