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Home and Away’s Rose Delaney issues a major ultimatum to Mali Hudson

In the most recent Australian episode of Home and Away, Rose Delaney gave her boyfriend Mali Hudson a make-or-break ultimatum.

As Summer Bay newcomer Zara Campbell persisted in her compulsive attempts to create distance between them, their relationship reached a breaking point.

When Zara disclosed that she is Mali’s ex-girlfriend, she unnerved Rose when she arrived in town last month.

Zara’s revelation that she had previously been set up as Mali’s “promised wife” made matters worse, even though Mali stated that his family doesn’t really follow this custom.

Mali has emphasised his support for Zara in recent weeks, citing cultural beliefs that emphasise the significance of family and friend commitments.

Since then, Zara has seemed to take advantage of Mali’s devotion, presumably wanting to get back together with him.

In the Australian Channel 7 programme airing on Wednesday, Zara overreached herself when she interrupted Mali and Rose on their romantic date at Salt.

While Mali and Rose were enjoying some rare time together, Zara interrupted and offered to cover the cost of dinner for three. Zara was not one to take no for an answer.

Rose confronted Zara about her scheme the following day, but her obstinately determined opponent refused to back down.

Rose changed her strategy and became hostile at Mali, telling him that he had to resolve the issue or she would end their relationship.

Rose issued a warning: “She’s too much; I can’t handle it anymore. I don’t have any obligations to her, and I’m done, but you could.”

Rose said, “It means you need to choose, Mali,” in response to Mali’s question about what this meant. It’s me vs her.”

After the show’s Christmas break, viewers of Home and Away in the UK will be able to watch these scenes on Channel 5 in January.


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