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Neighbours confirms Pierce Greyson’s emotional return storyline

Pierce Greyson’s forthcoming comeback has been announced by Neighbours.

Tim Robards has returned to his role as Pierce for a few dramatic scenes in Hendrix’s ongoing saga.

Hendrix was just diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease. He will need a lung transplant within the next three years due to the restricted therapy choices.

Hendrix struggles in the next episodes as conflicts with the Rodwell family cause his condition to be known to everyone on Ramsay Street.

As everyone reacts to the news, Hendrix grows enraged at being surrounded by so much animosity at such an inconvenient time.

Hendrix is able to work over his emotions thanks to a conversation with Levi Canning.

Hendrix also realises that now that everyone else knows the truth, he’ll have to tell his family at some point.

Hendrix and his girlfriend Mackenzie Hargreaves are planning a vacation to Sydney later this week.

Hendrix wants his family to have a stress-free holiday, so he decides not to notify them about his condition while he’s there.

When the young couple arrives in Sydney, Hendrix takes Mackenzie on a journey down memory lane by visiting her some of his childhood haunts.

Hendrix then goes to see his family, attempting to conceal his condition from his father Pierce, mother Lisa, and sister Alana.

Unfortunately for Hendrix, a curious Alana notices his odd behaviour and convinces him that he must disclose the truth after all.

Hendrix then resolves to take another giant stride ahead with the help of his loved ones.

Pierce was last portrayed by Tim Robards in 2020. He pulled out of the part sooner than intended due to COVID-related travel limitations in Australia, and was replaced by Don Hany, who completed the character’s exit plotline.

Don Hany reprised his role as Pierce when he reappeared in 2021 for a brief appearance.

“It was an amazing honour to be asked back to reprise my part as the original Pierce Greyson!” Tim said recently. COVID state border constraints forced me to leave and be replaced for what should have been my final month of filming in 2020.

“I’m ecstatic and glad to be reunited with the entire team, whom I never had the opportunity to say goodbye to.” It’s really a joy to be a part of the programme one final time now that it’s coming to an end.”


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