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Neighbours hints at David Tanaka catching out Corey in Harlow plot

Next week on Neighbours, David Tanaka will have suspicions about Corey Smythe-Jones.

As part of a big scheme to entice David’s niece Harlow Robinson into the Restoration Order cult, Corey is now influencing her.

Prue, Harlow’s mother, was a member of the Order before she died, and the nefarious organisation is now hell-bent on re-establishing the familial connection.

Harlow isn’t her typical self in next week’s shows on Channel 5, as she appears lethargic and out of sorts.

This is because Corey has begun drugging Harlow in secret, intensifying his nasty attempts to control her behaviour.

To make matters worse, Harlow appears to be falling for Corey’s deception, oblivious to the fact that he isn’t the friend he pretends to be.

The primary roadblock for Corey is David, who is becoming increasingly concerned about his power over Harlow.

When Corey realises David is on to him, he uses Harlow even more to turn her against her uncle.

Harlow becomes even more estranged from her friends and family as a result of the narcotics Corey feeds her. David, on the other hand, is unwilling to give up his suspicions and keeps a tight eye on the situation.

As David begins to snoop, Chloe Brennan joins in by investigating the latest Fashion Week incident.

Harlow was humiliated recently when her affair with Ned Willis was made public during the Lassiters fashion presentation. During the ceremony, a mysterious “someone” arranged for damning photos of Harlow and Ned to be projected onto her white dress.

When Corey becomes concerned that the walls are closing in on him, he whisks Harlow away for a “weekend excursion.”

In actuality, Corey’s holiday plans are diabolical, and Harlow may never see her family again.


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