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Neighbours confirms huge fan theory over Harlow’s new love interest Corey

Newcomer Corey Smythe-Jones is a secret villain, according to Neighbours.

Last month, Corey made his debut appearance in the show’s London-based episodes, where he was introduced as Harlow Robinson’s new love interest.

Corey offered Harlow support throughout their brief time together as she grappled with some major issues regarding her late mother’s diaries and the mystery Restoration Order cult that Prue was once a member of.

Viewers quickly realized that Corey wasn’t who he claimed to be, especially after he persuaded Harlow to burn the diary.

Corey has since appeared in Erinsborough and taken steps to reconnect with Harlow.

After recent issues with her other love interest, Ned Willis, Harlow tries to make things work with Corey in next week’s episodes on Channel 5.

Harlow later confesses defeat, acknowledging that she and Corey have no romantic chemistry.

Harlow handles the news well when Corey breaks up with him. Corey, on the other hand, seemed to have other plans, despite Harlow’s expectations.

Harlow is perplexed to find Corey still in Erinsborough after the split.

Harlow has no idea that Corey is a covert member of the Order who has been tasked with bringing her into the cult.

Corey gives a secret USB to his Order contact, but first makes his own private copy.

Fans of Neighbours will be left wondering what Corey is up to and whether Harlow is in grave danger.

Ned’s stress levels climb later in the week as he prepares for Fashion Week at Lassiters.

Harlow makes an effort to cheer up Ned by promising him that everything would be alright.

Meddling Harlow is hesitant to express her affections to Ned because of his connection with Amy Greenwood and everything they’ve already been through, but Corey persuades her to do so.

Will Harlow and Ned be able to resist their attraction as Fashion Week approaches?


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