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Home and Away spoilers: Ryder and Theo are badly burnt during dangerous ‘fire walk’ stunt

In the previous several weeks, Theo (Matt Evans) and Ryder (Lukas Radovich) have been an odd duo, filming stunt challenge videos to gain views and make some money. Despite his reluctance to work with the newcomer, Ryder has put his pride aside in order to make money and pay off his company debts.

As the two brainstorm ideas for their next challenge, Theo meets with Justin (James Stewart) and is inspired by the idea of performing a “rite of passage.” He talks to Ryder, but he can’t come up with any exciting ideas for Theo. Ryder becomes concerned about Theo’s ideas, and when he returns to the caravan park later, he discovers Theo there.

Despite the fact that Chloe (Sam Barrett) is occupied that night, Theo and the crew set up the camera on a tripod as crowds gather to witness the prank. The duo declares their challenge and begins the perilous hike.

Unfortunately, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is on his way back to the park when they get halfway across the coals, and is even telling Jasmine (Sam Frost) about how responsible he thinks Ryder is. When the couple sees what’s going on, he’s immediately proven wrong.

Cash is furious to see the spectacle before him and the boys pause on the coals to explain themselves.

However, they realise too late that stopping on hot coals is the worst action to take and they burn themselves, falling to the ground in pain…


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