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Neighbours confirms death for unseen character in latest episode

In the episode that aired on Wednesday, Neighbours revealed a significant development for the Sinclair family: the death of family patriarch Conrad.

Conrad, a lessie investor, has never made a physical appearance on the programme but has frequently been referenced when filming the most recent hotel dramas.

After learning with concern that Conrad had suffered a stroke, Mischa Barton, who plays Reece Sinclair on The OC, took a plane back to the United States last week.

Chloe Brennan broke the news of Conrad’s passing in the episode that aired on Wednesday.

After learning of the depressing information from Reece over the phone, she quickly became involved in a dangerous scheme to keep the news from Conrad’s other daughter, Krista.

Chloe spoke to Paul Robinson, “Reece and I just chatted. Her dad passed away just hours earlier. Could we please keep it secret, she asked?

“She wants us to keep it a secret from Krista, but she is aware that it will come out. We would do this, as I had told Reece.”

Krista, who debuted in the most recent Flashback Week, is a new regular on Neighbours. She’s recuperating from pneumonia and attempting to kick a severe drug habit as she stays at Lassiters.

In the most recent episode, Byron Stone and Leo Tanaka attempted to encourage Krista by contacting David Tanaka, a former physician who is currently out of town, for assistance.

David, obviously relishing the chance to assist someone once more, successfully guided Krista towards a secure withdrawal.

Regrettably, this was put in jeopardy when Holly Hoyland unintentionally told Krista about Conrad’s passing. Krista promptly left her hotel room in Lassiters, raising questions about her well-being.

Reece, Byron’s girlfriend, informed Chloe of Conrad’s passing instead of him, which unnerved Byron. Do the fissures in their distant relationship already appear?


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