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Home and Away brings back a character for Dean Thompson storyline

Karen Thompson, Dean Thompson’s mother, has returned to Home and Away for a new storyline.

In Thursday’s programme on Channel 7 in Australia, Georgia Adamson resumed her role as Karen, who returned to Summer Bay.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) has been concerned about Karen in recent days after learning of her disappearance.

Dean spent several days trying to contact Karen’s friends for information on her location.

Just as Dean was about to call the cops to report Karen missing, she reappeared in the Bay and scolded him for making such a fuss.

Karen’s appearance threw Dean for a loop, because there’s a lot about his life he hasn’t told her about recently.

Dean has kept Karen in the dark about his son Jai Simmons and his role in a fatal vehicle accident last year.

These difficulties were quickly overlooked when it became clear that Karen was concealing her own secrets.

Dean wanted answers about what was going on after overhearing Karen having a stressful phone discussion with someone.

Karen explained, hesitantly divulging some information: “I’m trying to stay hidden from someone. Brett is his name. I’ll take care of it.”

Karen responded when Dean felt Brett was a sinister character and asked what he wanted: “It’s me! Dean, he’s madly in love with me. He begged me to marry him, so I went to ground.”

Is Dean poised to become involved in his mother’s romantic life?

In March, Home and Away fans in the United Kingdom will be able to witness these moments on Channel 5 and 5STAR.


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