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Neighbours casts Henrietta Graham as new recruit for Lassiters

Neighbours may be coming to an end in the coming months, but the Australian serial continues to bring in new cast members.

Henrietta Graham, who plays April Rose Pengilly’s assistant Chloe Brennan, is the most recent addition to Neighbours.

Henrietta, welcome to the team!

Neighbours shared the first glimpse at April and Henrietta together on Instagram yesterday (May 11), and it was confirmed that The Lassiters Hotel’s newest employee will be named Sam.

“We are happy to welcome Henrietta Graham to the Neighbours cast as guest character Sam, the newest recruit to Lassiters and assistant to Chloe!” the drama teased.

Sam will begin working at Lassiters during a difficult moment, as the crew is still dealing with the aftermath of Lassiters Fashion Week.

Things came to a climax after Paul Robinson spent weeks conspiring against Terese Willis, allowing his estranged wife complete control over the situation since he knew it would end badly.

The Lassiters attempted to pick up the pieces earlier this month after fashion guru Montana Marcel was detained in the middle of the event.

Terese was removed as general manager after Paul’s sister Lucy returned, intending to offer Lassiters a clean break in the wake of the recent incident.

Terese’s news isn’t all negative, as an emotional heart-to-heart with Glen Donnelly resulted in a kiss between the two.

Isn’t there never a dull moment in Erinsborough?


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