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Neighbours axe branded “devastating” by show’s Australian network

Many people were surprised by Channel 5’s decision to cancel Neighbours, including the CEO of Network 10, the Australian network that broadcasts the show.

Beverley McGarvey of Network 10 recently commented on the show’s cancellation as its UK broadcaster, Channel 5, decided to focus its financing on other projects.

Despite appeals to save the show, no new commissioner could be found in the UK, which means the soap will be cancelled permanently in August.

McGarvey told the Screen Forever conference, “I think it’s devastating” (via TV Tonight).

Network 10 “would love to continue to be the [soap’s] Australian partner,” she added, adding that she hopes the show would be salvaged in some way.

“The show is well-known. In that age, I grew up watching Kylie and Jason. It was my first taste of Australia, in a way “She was referring to Kylie Minogue’s appearance on the soap from 1986 to 1988.

“We’d love to be able to continue doing it. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to continue until they find overseas partners.”


Neighbours executive producer Jason Herbison talked about various endings for the show earlier this year, leaving the door open for a future return to Ramsay Street.

“We envision the next few months as a great celebration for the show,” he said, “with a little bit of everything for viewers.” “Any conclusion will be respectful of the past, present, and constantly looking forward.”


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