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Home and Away spoilers: Mia is in big trouble and arrested for Matthew’s murder

Mia (Anna Samson) has been thrust into a difficult predicament following an encounter with Chloe’s (Sam Barrett) biological father Matthew (James Sweeny), in which Chloe desperately tried to save her mother from Matthew’s violent behaviour by smashing a brick over his head.

After stuffing Matthew’s body into the back of his car and driving away, it doesn’t take long for Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) to notice the speeding vehicle and give chase. Mia is panicked as she notices Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) calling her repeatedly, but she is determined to get away and concentrate on driving.

However, as Cash realises how fast the vehicle he’s pursuing is capable of driving, he calls for backup, and Mia is soon dismayed to find her path blocked by a line of police cars. She is forced to come to a halt, and when Cash requests the driver to exit the vehicle, he is taken aback to see a very shaken Mia emerge.

When he discovers blood trails on her clothes, his suspicions are piqued, and he declares that he must do a vehicle check. Mia instantly recognises that the game is over and begs him not to do it. Cash, on the other hand, is sceptical of her panic and begins unlocking the doors to peek inside the automobile.

Mia refuses to open the boot when he eventually asks her to. Cash takes matters into his own hands and unlocks the boot from beneath the steering wheel.

Mia’s secret is revealed when he lifts it up, and Cash looks over at her in disbelief as he realises he must now arrest her for murder…


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