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Home and Away brings back another missing character in latest episode

Leah Patterson’s comeback to Home and Away has aired following her brief break from the show.

Leah left Summer Bay late last year to visit her son VJ in Cyprus, as seen by Australian viewers.

Since then, Leah hasn’t appeared on the show, though periodic references from her partner Justin Morgan and nephew Theo Poulos have kept fans up to date on her whereabouts.

Leah returned to the Bay and was reunited with her family in Thursday’s shows on Channel 7 in Australia.

Leah had gone to see her brother Dimitri in the city for a few days after leaving Cyprus and returned to Australia.

This made Theo apprehensive, as he feared Dimitri would disparage him and force Leah and Justin to evict him.

When Theo learnt that Leah would be returning soon, he pondered quitting the Bay on his own terms, but his garage colleague Ziggy Astoni advised him against it.

When Theo returned home, he was greeted by Leah, who had some good news for him.

“I’m so sorry that I have to tell you this, but your father has no interest in reuniting with you,” Leah said.

“I’m afraid that’s all Dimitri said,” Leah remarked when asked whether that was all he said.

Theo shrugged off the news and appeared unconcerned. This perplexed Leah, Justin, and Ziggy, who felt he was concealing his genuine feelings about the situation.

Theo’s Bay family is still in the dark about his horrific history with Dimitri.

Theo told John Palmer earlier this year about how Dimitri used to be aggressive to him when he was a kid.

John pointed out that this was abuse and advised Theo to call the cops, but he declined.

Marilyn Chambers, who had been missing for a similar amount of time, recently reappeared in the Bay at an Australian pace.

These scenes will air on Channel 5 in early May for Home and Away fans in the United Kingdom.


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