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Most popular Neighbours characters that we desperately need in UK soaps

The cancellation of Neighbours came as a shock to millions of viewers, both past and present.

The Australian soap opera has a rich cast of characters and an almost 40-year history, but it isn’t doing well.

The characters, on the other hand, are – and we believe that some of them should be cast in British soap operas.

Dr Karl

Unless you’re Dr Karl Kennedy, there’s no way to get out of Erinsborough.

He belongs to the Neighbourhood. When people think of the little Australian soap opera that could, they think of him.

What does everyone require? Karl, Dr.

He’d be excellent for Physicians, Casualty, or perhaps Emmerdale, with its doctors being a little weird as well.

Susan Kennedy

Karl isn’t complete without Susan.

She is the sanity to his madness — the respectable one who didn’t cheat with a trollop half her age years ago and break up her own family.

Who hasn’t had any sort of emotional tie to a dying builder?

Andrea Somers

The temptation now is to keep pleasant Dee Bliss around when Neighbours dies, but that would be a mistake.

If Meena Jutla has taught us anything about soap operas, it’s that a crazy woman makes for a great character.

Andrea, who for fun impersonated her long-lost twin sister, is the most enraged.

She’s in prison right now for pushing her sister down a cliff, but she should flee to England and give Meena a run for her money.


Toadie is inextricably linked to the show Neighbours.

He was originally the feral progeny of Karl and Susan’s kid Billy’s friend, and now he’s the community’s beating heart.

Toadie, who is now a lawyer, may opt to leave Australia and work in the United Kingdom.

Perhaps he might join Adam and Imran at their law company on the cobblestones?

Paul Robinson

Who doesn’t enjoy a good villain?

He’s Kim Tate without the power suits – and he’s married more women than Gail Platt.

Paul is a cutthroat businessman whose ruthlessness has been tamed by a brain tumour and years spent as an international fugitive.

He’s the only one who can make it through the end of Neighbours.


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