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Former Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas pays tribute to Neighbours following axe news

Ryan Thomas, who played Jason Grimshaw on Coronation Street from 2000 to 2016, expressed his regret about Neighbours’ cancellation after 37 years on the air and Channel 5’s decision to pull funding from the show.

Ryan had a brief two-month role as Rafael Humphreys in Neighbours in 2018, following his departure from Manchester’s famed cobblestones. His character sought vengeance on Paul Robinson for the death of his mother, who worked in Paul’s factory, but later returned to England after uncovering the genuine perpetrator – Dakota Davies (Sheree Murphy).

Now, the soap star has resorted to social media to post a collection of images from his stay in Australia, along with a heartfelt caption thanking the cast and crew for allowing him to enjoy the experience with them.

Ryan wrote on Instagram, “This show has played a huge part of my childhood growing up, and to spend two months out in Australia portraying Raphael on this renowned street was a dream come true.” “I’m heartbroken to see such a beloved show come to an end after all these years. I’m sending all of my love to the actors and crew of Neighbours, and a huge thank you for giving me the chance; it was an honour!”

Travis Burns, who played Tyler Brennan on Neighbours at the same time as Ryan, exclaimed, “Legend!” and recommended the two get together when he returns to the UK later this month.

Tim Kano (Leo Tanaka), on the other hand, added: “”Come baaaackkkk I continue to receive compliments about our sultry bedroom scene.”

The writing team for the final episode of Neighbours finished drafting the storey yesterday, but one thing we do know is that the show will not end in sorrow, as executive producer Jason Herbison has stated that they want the finale to be a celebration.


“I like to imagine that Ramsay Street will live on in the hearts and thoughts of viewers long after the final scene. I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever The conclusion will be a celebration of the past and present, with the possibility of a future left open.”


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