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Back to Ramsay street! Some BIG Neighbours stars are returning for the farewell

Since the news that popular serial opera Neighbours is on the verge of being cancelled surfaced, it has been speculated that some of the show’s former performers may be making an epic comeback during the series’ final season.

According to The Sun, Ian Smith, 83, has agreed to reprise his role as Harold Bishop on the project, which will begin filming next month.

The bigwigs are also in communication with Guy Pearce, who played Mike Young on the soap, according to the publication.

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that Jason Donovan (Scott Robinson) has informed bosses that he will be in Melbourne in April and may return to Ramsay Street.

The actor reportedly wishes to be accompanied by pop phenomenon Kylie Minogue, who played his wife Charlene on the show.

Neighbours fans flocked to to rescue Ramsay Street after learning that the iconic show would be cancelled in the UK. Filming has halted Down Under.

Given that majority of the soap’s production funding comes from UK stakeholders, the soap’s future in Australia is also in danger.

Over 50,000 fans have signed a petition titled “Don’t Axe Neighbours” in support of the show’s continuation on Channel 5, the UK’s free-to-air television network.

Another Neighbours alum Natalie Imbruglia, who played Beth Brennan on the serial, called the decision as “very sad” on the U.K. radio station Heart Breakfast.

“Who wants to live in a world without their neighbours?” She went on to say that she used to think the soap would “go on forever.”

“People are signing petitions,” Torn added. “Here’s hope they succeed.”


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