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10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week (April 4 to 8)

The pressure on David and Freya will rise again next week on Neighbours. How much longer can they keep their secret?

Meanwhile, two Ramsay Street homeowners prepare to bid Erinsborough farewell.

Here are ten spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

1. David’s slide begins

David was terrified when he discovered a threatening note in his workplace, and his nerves would be ruffled for the rest of the week. Freya is forced to admit that she handled things terribly with Gareth’s girlfriend Emma, and that as a result, suspicions were aroused.

David is enraged with her, especially considering how persistent she has been in pressuring him to be quiet. While she assures that nothing like that will ever happen again, he now realises that she is completely untrustworthy.

2. Kyle and Roxy have a major announcement to make

Kyle and Roxy are still hurting from the accident at the reproductive clinic, but after getting a settlement offer, they hope to put it all behind them. They accept quickly and inform their friends and family of their plans to relocate to Darwin.

They’ve chosen to take Gemma and Adam’s housing offer and will be leaving Erinsborough the following week. But things quickly go wrong for them as they get into a huge fight – is the relocation still on?


3. Amy is a source of annoyance for Ned

Although having Harlow on the brain doesn’t help, Ned becomes upset by Amy’s impulsiveness the following week.

Amy, who recently decided to have another child, now intends to sell her van in order to support her participation in fashion week.

This is another impulsive decision for Ned following a string of others, and his misgivings about their future together reemerge.

While they take a breather, Ned becomes enraged all over again when he notices that she has put the van up for sale…

4. Roxy makes a life-changing discovery

With Roxy and Kyle at odds and their departure looming, Roxy is taken aback when Gemma informs her that she is indeed pregnant.

The news is exactly what the fighting couple needed to get back on track, and they toast to the future while planning their new lives in Darwin.

The newlyweds think that the fresh start in Darwin will be just what they need, with only packing and a farewell party left in Erinsborough.

5. Paul meddles in Montana’s affairs

Terese’s nerves were frayed when Paul returned to Erinsborough, as she suspected he was plotting trouble for fashion week, and she was right to be anxious.

When Paul learns of Leo and Montana’s relationship, he plans to use the information to his advantage. But all he does is bring the two closer together, forcing him to reconsider his strategy.

While it is a stumbling barrier, Paul appears to be hell-bent on ruining the event – and Terese’s career.

6. Karl notices a business opportunity

Clive has a magnificent penthouse and is eager to show it off to his pals, which could put Karl and Susan’s finances in jeopardy.

When Karl sees it, he begins to believe that this is the lifestyle that he and Susan should be living, and his eyes begin to search for a business opportunity.

Montana appears, in need of finances for his new start-up, and believes that this is the perfect opportunity for him. While Susan is quick to dismiss the concept, Karl is adamant about keeping it…

7. A peril confronts David and Freya

Allowing Gareth to die was always going to have consequences for David and Freya, and the chances of them keeping it quiet by the end of next week are much thinner.

Following the first note, David is shocked to receive a second, which specifically mentions his family.

If they are going to get away with what they did, Freya realises that something has to be done, but how will they find out who is after them?

8. Nicolette intends to seduce Kiri

When they met up in Erinsborough for the holidays, their vacation romance came crumbling down, but Nicolette is still hoping to win Kiri over now that she is remaining in the region.

Nic is well aware of how much work she has ahead of her, as Kiri has formed an unfavourable opinion of her after hearing about her previous doubts.

But there may be a stumbling block in the form of Kiri’s new housemate, and Nic’s ex, Chloe, growing closer than planned…

9. Aaron’s concern for David becomes more intense

While Aaron has been focusing on his own recuperation, it has become clear that something is wrong with his husband.

David is noticeably agitated, which is exacerbated when he lashes out at Dean, believing he is the one who sent the threatening letters.

Dean is convinced that he had nothing to do with it, so David now has to deal with Aaron, who wants to know what’s going on and why he’s acting so strangely.

Will David be forced to confess, and if he does, how will Aaron react?

10. Mackenzie receives a fantastic offer

Mackenzie is hoping to earn the position of unpaid intern because she wants to be a part of fashion week and work with Montana.

Montana makes it apparent that she would rather walk the catwalk and become a model for the event, so there could be a lot more in store for her.

Mac isn’t sure if she wants to be a model, but the appeal of being a part of that world is something she can’t get out of her head. Is she going to go through with it?


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