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New Home and Away star following in footsteps of his cousin Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth’s younger cousin is ready to follow in his footsteps by joining the cast of Home and Away, some 15 years after he departed the sands of Summer Bay for the bright lights of Hollywood.

Hemsworth earned a Logie for his role as heartthrob Kim Hyde in 2005 before relocating to the United States and becoming a star in blockbuster movies like the Thor and Avengers franchises.

Luke Van Os, Hemsworth’s cousin, is poised to make his first appearance on the long-running drama as a new character named Xander.

Van Os was joined on The Morning Show by long-time Home and Away star Lynne McGranger, who recounted the guidance he received from Hemsworth during his final audition when he practised his lines with the celebrity.

“The most important thing was the chemistry test after I’d had a few auditions, where I was testing with females who were auditioning for the role of Rose, who would play my sister.”

“Let’s run the scene, let’s get in a very nice headspace so you’re free and able to accept as much direction as possible on the day,” Chris said. Van Os has been unveiled.

McGranger, who portrays fan favourite Irene and is currently the show’s longest-serving female cast member, reflected on her time working with Hemsworth.


“Chris is great,” McGranger told Van Os. “I’m not just saying that; I’m not peeing in your pocket.”

“He’s very attractive. Chris stood out because he was hardworking, never took himself too seriously, and was continually working on his American accent in preparation for a job in the United States.

McGranger pointed to Van Os and remarked, “Just a beautiful human being, a lot like this person here.”

Van Os, who has been filming for several months, described what it was like to join the cast of the long-running soapie ahead of his on-screen debut.

“It’s the finest work I’ve ever had, and I think you’re definitely nervous coming here, but everyone is so supportive.”

“Lynne and the rest of the cast, crew, and I stand on the beach all day and say a few words, it’s the best job in the world,” he remarked.


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