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10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

More drama is on the way at number 32 next week on Neighbours, as Leo makes a major decision. While Paul’s life appears to be in jeopardy as he is transported to the hospital,

Here are ten spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

1. Levi is able to get out of a risky scenario

Levi’s decision to check into the disappearance of Gareth for Freya backfired when he was held at gunpoint while doing so. Levi begins the week in a tight position with a man who is keen about not returning to prison.

Levi uses some quick thinking to get himself out of what could have been a dangerous situation. Will he be able to keep from probing into Gareth any more, or is this just the beginning of his danger?

2. Glen and Terese had a paintballing adventure

Glen determines that it’s past time for Terese to get out of the house and back into the world, so he follows Ned and Harlow’s example and arranges for them to go paintballing. And it appears to work, at least at first, with Terese relishing the opportunity to vent her anger on the course.

Terese enjoys herself, but she can’t seem to get Paul out of her thoughts, no matter how hard she tries – and she’s about to learn some very bad news about him…

3. It’s possible that Zara’s luck is running out

When Zara initially arrived in Erinsborough, she made it clear that she could be trouble, and that has come back to bite her. Zara is convinced that she is not the guilty party, despite the fact that her list of things for which she is blamed continues to increase.

Zara’s denials aren’t believed, and Amy is beginning to wonder if it’s time she returned to Cairns with her daughter. Is Zara going to be able to prove her innocence, or is her time on Ramsay Street about to come to an end?

4. Levi tries hard to keep away from Freya’s life

There are several compelling reasons for Levi to keep out of Freya’s way. He found himself staring down the barrel of a rifle while checking into her missing lover, Gareth, after she lied to him and led him astray. Levi, on the other hand, finds it difficult to avoid Freya, who has stayed and now works at the hospital.

When they finally meet, Levi feels compelled to spend time with her and assist her in her search. Is Levi, however, making a major mistake since his family is worried about him?

5. Leo must make a major decision

Leo has had to deal with a couple of major setbacks recently, including learning that he is a father and then grieving the loss of Abigail’s mother. His decision to hand the kid over to David and Aaron shocked everyone on Ramsay Street, and Chloe will try one last time to convince him of what he’s giving up next week.

With Aaron intent on parenting Abigail as his own and tensions between him and David already building, Leo realises that any decision he makes now must be irrevocable – and he knows what he must do.

6. Paul’s condition deteriorates more

When Paul lied about his physical condition to win over Terese, he disgusted most of people who cared about him, even paying a shady doctor to make it appear that things were worse for him than they were.

Like decision cost him a lot of money, and it appears that karma will be surrounding him when things go wrong next week. His condition continues to deteriorate as he is alone in the penthouse, but will someone find him in time to save him?

7. Aaron is taken aback by Leo’s decision

Leo has finally realised that abandoning Abigail would be a terrible mistake, and he is eager to start a new life with her – but the good news is not everyone welcomed.

Aaron is devastated by the news that he would lose Abigail all over again, and he is furious with Chloe for persuading Leo to make it happen.

The news does not help David’s mood, and after a few weeks of relative calm, it appears that number 32 is about to become a tense house once more.

8. Levi and Freya go on the hunt for Gareth

Despite his better judgement, Levi is fully committed to assisting Freya in discovering what happened to her missing boyfriend, but his family and friends are quick to point out what a mistake he is making.

As they set out to find more information, Roxy decides to spend time with his wife, Wendy, in order to save him from getting into trouble with his boss. Will Roxy’s intervention backfire, and how will Levi react if he learns the truth?

9. Leo is a forward-thinking sign

Despite dumping a bomb on Aaron and David with his choice to embrace becoming a dad to Abigail, Leo chooses to concentrate on the future and ensure that his daughter has the greatest possible start in life.

While it is a pleasant moment for him and Abigail, the consequences of his decision continue to reverberate throughout Ramsay Street, and Aaron and David’s troubles appear to be only getting worse.

10. Will Paul be able to live?

Glen gets a shock when he goes to the penthouse to check on Paul and discovers him in a poor manner, and he rushes him to the hospital. His health quickly becomes public knowledge, and his family and friends are concerned that he will not survive.

Terese is concerned as well, and she makes preparations to visit him — before telling herself that they are no longer together, and she must prioritise herself. Is Terese ready to let go of Paul totally, and will he be able to recover fully?


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