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The best behind-the-scenes snaps from the Home and Away set this year

Before going in early, there are few things more wholesome than a home cooked supper and a nice read. But, if you want to get technical, Home and Away takes the cake as one of life’s most healthy, consistent, and high-quality content-producing additions – and we’re glad for it.

The cast is a perfect example. They’re just as tight in real life as they are on television, bringing viewers lots of drama, chemistry, and mystery.

Take Georgie Parker, for example: a short look at her Instagram will reveal that the show’s stars are not just her coworkers, but also her closest friends.

There’s no denying that every time one of the soap’s beloved cast members shares a photo from the set, we’re all clamouring to see what’s going on behind the scenes.

As another year of filming begins, we’ve chosen to compile all of the images in one spot so you can view them all for yourself.

Continue scrolling to see how these Home and Away alums have become one big happy family. There’s a lot of good stuff coming next!

During Sydney’s lockdown, the actors of Home and Away reunited. Actor Lukas Radovich uploaded a video of what appears to be a screenplay read over on his Instagram account. The celebrity focused in on his co-star Georgie Parker, who was accompanied by her cat for the reading. Georgie quickly re-posted the photo, and the way she looks at her pet is just beautiful.


The mid-season finale of Home and Away horrified viewers with the accident, but it didn’t stop Paddy O’Connor (Dean) and Harley Bonner (the new doctor in town) from having some fun on set.

Paddy shared this horrific behind-the-scenes shot with his saviour when the series returned to television this week.

“The guy has shown up! What a welcome, “He expressed himself on Instagram.

Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), who was also caught up in the horrific incident, snaps a cheeky BTS photo from the scene in Yass, Canberra.

Summer Bay was stunned by the explosion in June, but Emily Symons, Sam Frost, Jaime Robbie Reyne, and Courtney Miller were all smiles back on set.

Aunty and Nephew, at least on film. For the cameras, Georgie Parker and Lukas Radovich flash a broad grin.

The stars of the programme are always camera ready for another week’s work, so happy Monday!

In February, Lynne McGranger and Sam Frost were all smiles as they wrapped up their work on set.

Even behind the scenes, the Summer Bay location is always camera ready.

On set, Patrick O’Connor and Lukas Radovich exchange a smile.

Lukas Radovich definitely wants in on Georgie Parker and Emily Symons’ particular relationship.


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